Was Elias The Man Behind Seth Rollins’ Monday Night Messiah?

We all wanted to walk with him, but was Elias the man behind Seth Rollins' Monday Night Messiah persona?

Elias Behind Seth Rollins
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We all wanted to walk with him, but was Elias the man behind Seth Rollins’ Monday Night Messiah persona?

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He had an interesting run with WWE, rising from NXT all the way up to the main roster. Unfortunately, his decently long run with WWE had to come to an end, and now we can catch him as Elijah. I enjoyed his time with the company. He was a Superstar who, in my honest opinion, improved and did better on the main roster. Like, I just didn’t think he would have the main roster impact that he had following his NXT run.

All good things come to an end

All that being said and done, he’s not in WWE anymore. And, with his lack of WWE responsibilities comes some enjoyable freedom. Elijah is on tour in the United Kingdom, and the touring gave him a chance to do some press. During one such interview, he dropped a rather profound and interesting nugget of information. Specifically, he may have created a gimmick that would go down as iconic. But, as incredible as this character would be, it would not be shared with the world by him.

Elias Behind Seth Rollins

According to him during the interview, one such creative idea he had in WWE? The Monday Night Messiah. But, as we know now, that was a persona channeled by one Seth Rollins. During his Messiah run, Rollins was aligned with the Authors of Pain (minus Paul Ellering). But as Elijah put it, the idea was all his. If he had his way, Elias was going to be the Monday Night Messiah. If you think about it, he had a lot of traits that might go along with such a character. Messiahs, after all, do ask people to walk with them.

It won’t be the first time and it won’t be the last where one wrestler claims another stole his or her idea. That is just a part of wrestling, as ingrained in the sport as anything else. Maybe he never achieved those heights, but Elias can say he was behind Seth Rollins, or rather, one of Rollins’ most iconic personas.

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