Elias – Character Change, Triple H Against Jeff Hardy As WWE Champ

Elias Character Change
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Elias was set for a character change, but WWE has stopped those plans. Also, Triple H reportedly did not see Jeff Hardy as reliable to hold the top title.

Elias – Character Change

Back in August, WWE started running vignettes for Elias. Basically, it seemed Elias was dropping his current gimmick.

He was seen tossing his guitar and attire in a fire. That last vignette was August 23 and there has been no update from WWE. 

So, WrestleVotes notes how WWE never hand an end game. In WWE, they frequently change their minds.

We have seen storylines completely dropped or angles ignored.

The thought was Elias was being repackaged with a look similar to WWE Hall of Famer Randy Savage. Vince McMahon and officials close to him changed their mind.

Therefore, Elias has nothing going on. His last match was a loss to Jaxson Ryker in July.

Triple H Against Jeff Hardy As WWE Champ

Source: WWE, Twitter, Screenshot

Jeff Hardy’s wrestling career started when he was a child. That passion continued and eventually he signed with WWE.

He was still young at the time and WWE kept him with his brother Matt Hardy. Together, they formed one of the most popular tag teams ever as The Hardy Boyz.

Then, the two would go their separate ways. WWE pushed Jeff, but his drug problems outside of the ring was a major issue.

WWE had to release him and he would land in Impact Wrestling. After several years, WWE rehired Jeff.

Once again, he was given a decent push. And, he was rewarded with a WWE Championship win at Armageddon 2008.

Now, we are hearing from former WWE writer Freddie Prinze Jr about what happened backstage. While on the Ariel Helwani Show, Prinze said Triple H was not in favor of Jeff winning the title because of his past.

“Hunter did bring it up and everybody else was cool with it,” said Prinze. “Nobody had said anything, and I am sitting in there getting nervous.” 

Triple H Did Not Trust Jeff Hardy

“And Triple H says, ‘Are we really going to trust the championship with this guy?’ That’s when I knew that was a sniper bullet, man.”

“Jeff wasn’t trustworthy as champ. It was a feel-good moment for fans, but wasn’t a sustainable one.” 

“Hunter is about sustainable championship runs because that’s bankable, and reliable money for the company. His philosophy was sound then, and it’s still sound now, and I just know I pushed hard on that one because I thought it was worth it.”

The title run was short as Matt turned on him. Later on, he would also capture the World Heavyweight Championship on two occasions. 

Jeff is still with WWE as they froze his contract because he missed so much time due to injuries. Meanwhile, Matt is working for the competition in AEW.

Many fans hope the two brothers can reunite one more time on TV. If it counts, I am totally down for that reunion. 

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