Ellering And AOP Together Again, Triple H On Returns

ellering aop together again
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There are additional reports indicating we could see Paul Ellering and AOP together again in WWE. Plus, more from Triple H on whether or not he’s unhappy with some returns.

Ellering And AOP Together Again

The rumors of their possible return to WWE are growing louder, and it seems we could see Paul Ellering and AOP together again.

More specifically, according to Fightful, seeing Ellering and AOP together might be the only way we see them in WWE again.

Not long ago, we were talking about rumors of a possible AOP return.

The formidable tag team had their way with NXT, while under Ellering’s guidance. However, upon hitting the main roster, the duo ditched the Hall of Famer.

Once they ditched Ellering, they were never really the same.

Between injuries and the joys of Vince’s creative “vision”, the Authors of Pain were among a rash of cuts.

Now, there is a buzz that the pair could find there way back to WWE.

And, if they do, we might see Ellering and AOP together again because of Ellering himself.

ellering aop together again

source: @prowfinesse, twitter, screenshot

Per the report, the duo have a tremendous amount of trust and respect for Paul Ellering. As such, any deal to return to the company is being worked on by, and through, their one-time manager.

While cutting Ellering did not cause the injuries and creative issues, having him back as part of the package should help them.

That is, of course, if a return is indeed in the cards.

Personally, I was a big fan of the Authors of Pain in NXT and had high hopes for them on the main roster.

Their NXT success did not translate the first time around. We shall see if they get a chance at redemption.

Triple H On Returns

A few months back, there was a story out that Triple H wasn’t too high on some of his recent returns.

Shortly after the initial speculation came out, sources were quick to debunk it.

Now, following Saturday’s Elimination Chamber, there’s even more debunking going on.

According to the initial report, Triple H was not happy with all of the many returns.

Meaning he was disappointed in some, that they were not doing what he had hoped.

Keep in mind that this was shot down, but that did not stop fans from guessing which Superstars were disappointing Triple H.

Some figured maybe it was Karrion Kross or Hit Row…but in the last six months or so, Triple H has had a lot of returns.

Following The Most Recent PLE, There Is Further Refuting Of That Claim

And this time, the notion of Triple H being unhappy with any returns was shot down a few different ways.

For one, it was noted that such a comment, if Triple H even thought it, he’d never say it out loud.

ellering aop together again

source: @wwe, twitter, screenshot

Another point? It was noted that with most of those coming back, WWE (and Triple H) were clear about wanting depth for RAW and SmackDown.

Meaning that no returning Superstar was expected to shoot to the top of the show immediately, and for the most part, none have.

That said, Hunter knows what these recent returns can do, and he trusts them to perform when asked. To see that proven out, look no further than the men’s Elimination Chamber.

Both Bronson Reed and Johnny Gargano performed extremely well in the match.

Some were happy to think Triple H was wrong to bring names back. Now, it sure seems like he knew what he was doing.

Triple H brought in talented Superstars to add depth to rosters. His intent was to let fans to see a slew of new feuds and fresh matches.

Nothing more, nothing less. Anything else from there is gravy.

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