Has Elias Been Released From The WWE? + Monster’s Push Over

Elias Released From WWE
Source: @WRESTLEZONEcom, Twitter, Screenshot

Elias has been away from WWE television for a while now. As fans wonder if he’s been released, a new report offers some hope for the superstar and some insight around his absence.

Has Elias Been Released From The WWE?

The bad news is, a recent report reveals that Elias was in “creative purgatory” for some time, which would explain his current absence. Apparently, his name hadn’t been brought on in WWE Creative meetings for a while.

The good news is that according to Fightful Select, Elias could be coming back to WWE TV with a new gimmick … and a new name! In fact, the report notes that new vignettes have been filmed, and it looks as if he’ll remain on RAW.

Fans Have Felt As If Elias Had Been Released By The WWE

A number of vignettes aired last August 2021 on RAW, hinting that Elias was “killing” off his drifter character. The last one aired on August 23rd.

Elias has not been seen on WWE television, since. This past December, the Twitter handle WrestleVotes posted a tweet that the company didn’t have a plan to end the vignettes and they were only done to “kill” Elias’s music persona.

The tweet also revealed that Elias was given new gear as a rebranding. However, Vince McMahon axed the idea as he felt like the superstar looked too much like the “Macho Man” Randy Savage.

With WrestleMania 38 mere weeks again, it’s unlikely the talent will have a splashy return before the WWE’s flagship event. With that said, the company generally saves this kind of stuff for the RAW and SmackDown after WM.

This is great news for Elias and his fans. Sadly, there’s some bad news on the horizon for a giant superstar on the Red brand.

Monster’s Push Over

For those that caught Monday Night RAW this week, Omos and Commander Azeez had a short match. During the bout, Apollo Crews offered a distraction, and Omos capitalized on it.

Elias Released From WWE

Source: @WrestlingInc, Twitter, Screenshot

Unfortunately, this wasn’t the best look for Azeez, and may not be a good sign for the superstar. Dave Meltzer recently chats about this on his latest Wrestling Observer Radio.

Meltzer notes that as soon as the WWE began pushing Omos, there’s been less of a focus on Azeez. It came down to a choice between the two “giants”, and the company is gearing towards Omos.

Dave also states that Azeez has stopped getting any kind of push. It looks as if Omos may be the preferred bigger superstar, at this point.

Azeez’s History With The WWE

Azeez joined the WWE in 2016 and did some house shows for NXT. His official TV debut occurred during the Greatest Royal Rumble event in April 2018.

In August 2020, he debuted on RAW during the “RAW Underground” segment, under the ring name Dabba-Kato. He was on a winning streak until Braun Strowman stepped in on the September 21st edition of the show that year.

During WrestleMania 37 last year, he helped Apollo Crews on Night 2 win the IC title from Big E. He was re-introduced as Commander Azeez the following SmackDown, then drafted to the RAW brand (with Crews), during the 2021 Draft.