How Real Is AEW’s Interest In Shane McMahon?

In a scenario that at one time seemed far crazier, how real is AEW's interest in former WWE Superstar Shane McMahon?

AEW Interest Shane McMahon
Credit: wwe

In a scenario that at one time seemed far crazier, how real is AEW’s interest in former WWE Superstar Shane McMahon?

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Yes, perhaps I have used the term WWE Superstar loosely, but it is still applicable. Sure, the prodigal son got his chances at least in major part because his dad was the boss. But, he still had to take the bumps, and like it or not, Shane McMahon could take some crazy bumps. But, the last couple years in WWE were a bit weird for him, to say the least.

He found himself in trouble after he very nearly screwed up a Royal Rumble in order to get himself over. From that point, he was basically off limits-until dear old dad got himself the boot. Then, the younger McMahon made a return when WrestleMania most recently went Hollywood in 2023. While he was due for an impromptu match, to say it went badly would be an understatement. He suffered a catastrophic injury almost immediately, leading to WWE Hall of Famer Snoop Dogg to save the day.

Where to next?

AEW Interest Shane McMahon
Credit: WWE

Now, with daddy persona non grata, but Shane maybe getting the itch again, where could he go? If the relationship between brother and sister (and brother-in-law) isn’t good, there’s really only one choice: All Elite Wrestling. While there had been crazy rumors recently about Shane-to-AEW, they were usually made up. Now, there are new ones, and it seems they may not have been. But Fightful has given us some clarity on what interest AEW might have in Shane McMahon.

Per earlier reports, Shane may have reached out to the company. However, from Fightful’s report, the company itself has had no discussions with McMahon (that came straight from Tony Khan). Further, multiple AEW talents who were contacted were surprised by the rumors, as there had been no internal chatter about that possibility.

For now, it seems like there wasn’t any interest from AEW. That doesn’t mean the door will forever remain closed. It would be interesting, but we don’t know if it would deliver any sustained impact. Of course, if he did join, he would give them a very polished on-air personality-but would he be a difference maker?

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