Who’s Angry With Shane McMahon, Bright Future For NXT Superstar

who's angry with shane mcmahon
source: @nodqdotcom, Twitter, Screenshot

After the WWE Royal Rumble, who’s angry with Shane McMahon. Plus, there appears to be a bright future for one NXT Superstar.

Who’s Angry With Shane McMahon

Saturday’s Royal Rumble left fans with mixed feelings…but apparently left the locker room angry with Shane McMahon.

Here’s the synopsis:

I can’t blame any Superstar for being angry, to be honest.

Your final remaining individuals in the men’s Royal Rumble match included the owner’s son, and a celebrity.

who's angry with shane mcmahon

source: @nodqdotcom, Twitter, Screenshot

Now, while both of those people have worked matches and have held their own…neither belonged in the final few Rumble participants.

The report went on to indicate that some of those angry with Shane McMahon are not easily ticked off.

However, as is right to be pointed out, when you have Shane McMahon and Bad Bunny in at the end…but not top tier Superstars like Big E or Damien Priest or Kevin Owens?

Yes, the men’s locker room is right to be angry with McMahon.

Additionally, it seems that the match underwent a plethora of changes during the lead up to it on Saturday. 

Per Ringside, at one point Shane even had Seth Rollins working double duty…but that didn’t happen.

What will be interesting to see now is if there is any fallout.

Meaning, will any upset Superstars be punished? It’s been a hot minute since Nick Khan released anyone….

Or, would Vince McMahon admonish his son? It was nothing close to a great Royal Rumble…so perhaps his dad is angry with him too?

However, there are conflicting reports out there-naturally. While Ringside states that Shane was the producer for the men’s Rumble, Fightful has posted contradictory information:

What will be interesting to watch for is if Shane was booked purely as talent, but then went on a bit of a McMahon power trip.

At this point, that explanation seems plausible. However, does WWE then still have angry Superstars, ticked off at Shane and those who booked him into that spot?

Or…is this much ado over nothing, since all McMahon ended up doing is being dumped over the top by Brock…

Bright Future For NXT Superstar

While this person didn’t get to make an appearance on Saturday, we are hearing there is a bright future for one NXT Superstar in particular.

Specifically, top WWE brass is said to be quite high on LA Knight.

Unlike recent years, not a single NXT talent was used in either Rumble match.

Had an NXT Superstar made an appearance, LA Knight was likely one of the few who would have been considered.

Per the Wrestling Observer, current plans have LA Knight making his main roster debut in the spring, following WrestleMania.

bright future for nxt superstar

Source: @SqCReports, Twitter, Screenshot

There was some chatter about a possible earlier debut, however. Knight has been working dark matches and Main Event tapings, along with Roderick Strong.

For now, LA Knight is working a feud with NXT 2.0’s most hated Superstar, Grayson Waller

Could we see that feud wrap up over WrestleMania weekend? And if so, could that result in a post-Mania debut for Knight?

It’s been a couple years since we really got to enjoy the proper post-WreslteMania call-ups…perhaps those return in April?

Either way, given his look, talent and in-ring ability, there certainly appears to be a bright future on the main roster for LA Knight.

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