WWE Legend Randy Orton Says Vince McMahon Wanted Him To Work ‘Until I Can’t Walk Anymore’

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Future WWE Hall-of-Famer Randy Orton is very happy Vince McMahon is no longer in charge of the company because he says his former boss was willing to let “The Viper” work until he was crippled by the rigors of the industry.

Randy Orton has had one of the most memorable careers in professional wrestling history. He is a fourteen-time world champion who has won the Royal Rumble and every other title in the company multiple times. He also broke Brock Lesnar’s record when he became the youngest WWE champion in history at just 24 years old back in 2003.

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However, due to competing in the industry at the highest level for 20 years, his impressive physique has taken a great deal of damage. Earlier this year, Orton made his triumphant return to the company following a year away after getting fusion surgery on his spine. At one point during his recovery, it looked like he might never return to the ring after doctors advised him to retire.

While wrestling fans are thrilled to have “The Viper” back on WWE television healthy, he revealed during a recent interview with “The Friendly Mark Wrestling Show,” that former WWE boss Vince McMahon had little interest in preserving Orton’s career and would have let him wear himself “down to the nub.”

Randy Orton reveals heartless response from Vince McMahon after asking for time off a decade ago

“It’s nice having people in charge who understand how important it is for you to be home for birthdays, Thanksgiving, [and] Christmas. Vince McMahon had Raw on Monday night live. He didn’t care if you had kids,” Orton said. “I came to him when I was 35 and my back really started going and I pleaded with him. I’m like, ‘Man, I’ve got to not do as many shows, maybe do half the tour and be able to recover.

“He just looked at me and was like, ‘I need you on those shows Randy. Mother nature gets us all.’ And to hear that, and go ‘I guess there’s no other thing I can do other than just wear myself down to the nub until I can’t walk anymore for this man,'” he recalled. It’s nice having him out of there and his son-in-law, Triple H, running the game.

McMahon stepped away from the company in 2023 due to an expose revealing allegations of sexual assault from different women over the last decade. However, he eventually returned later that year to shepherd the company’s merger with UFC’s parent company Endeavor.

He was permanently forced out of his role earlier this year after a new round of allegations in a lawsuit was the last straw for UFC and WWE’s new parent company TKO Group Holdings.

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