Chelsea Green Wants To Revive A Classic Championship-The Divas Title

Chelsea Green Divas Title
Credit: wwe

A former tag champ, Chelsea Green wants to revive a classic women’s singles championship-the Divas title.

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She’s been one half of the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions. Now, however, Chelsea Green is focused on a singles championship for herself. And, after a huge win on Monday Night RAW, Green has qualified for this year’s women’s Money In The Bank ladder match. Should she manage to further shock the wrestling world and become the 2024 Miss Money In The Bank? Chelsea Green might have some really big plans. Interesting, but big.

She wants to bring back an old belt.

Green is excited she gets a shot at the briefcase, and she should be. Only six female Superstars have a chance to become virtually the champion-in-waiting. Clearly she likes her odds, as she should. But, it’s what she wants to do if and when she claims ownership of that briefcase that should be making us all take notice.

Fans-and probably the female Superstars-couldn’t get rid of the old Divas title fast enough. It was a stereotype needing to be buried, if we are being honest. Sure, it was a title, but it was pink and girly and way too cheesy for what it was. Following the arrivals of more legitimate wrestling talents like Paige, Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair, the WWE Women’s Revolution pushed the company to change the title. And it did, and it’s been a good thing.
Chelsea Green Divas Title
Credit: wwe

And yet, someone whose personality screams diva? She’s threatening to bring the title back. While I wouldn’t want to see either brand’s current women’s belt go away, hear me out. One of the cool things during a certain period of WWE history was the custom belts. Rock got one, Austin got one, and we all remember Cena having a spinner title. Sure, mostly the custom fun now is the side plates. But could you imagine if Green won and brought it back? I mean, the last one I can remember was Daniel Bryan’s “eco-belt”, but that was merely an eco-friendly WWE title.

Whether she will win the briefcase we don’t yet know. But if she does, it seems clear what Chelsea Green’s intentions are, and I am here for it. Have to admit, Chelsea Green and the Divas title are a match made in Heaven.

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