Could Jey Uso Be The Next Mr. Money In The Bank?

After his promo on Monday, we have to ask: could Jey Uso be the next Mr. Money In The Bank?

Jey Uso Money In The Bank
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After his promo on Monday, we have to ask: could Jey Uso be the next Mr. Money In The Bank?

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Money In The Bank is not even here yet. Jey Uso was the first Superstar to even mention it recently this year. To do so, Jey came out among the fans on RAW and stated his intentions. Specifically, he intends to be in the match and win the briefcase. It would be one of the biggest wins of his career, especially as a singles performer.

But could he do it?

jey uso money in the bank
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He has as good a chance as anyone right now. But, I say that because right now, we don’t know anyone who will be in the match. There’s not even any guarantee that Jey Uso will be in the match (though it seems extremely likely). He’s asked if, following a win, would he be Mr. Yeet in the Bank, or Mr. Money In The Yeet. For the record, I am not a fan of either, but no one asked me.

That being said, The Wrestling Observer is all in on Jey Uso winning the briefcase. Per the ever-so-genius Meltzer, he points out that Uso has never been hotter, but lacks the world title. Sure, he’s come close, but no cigar. Putting the briefcase in his hands could open a lot of those doors and finish that push of him into the main event scene. Per the report, Meltzer did seem rather bullish on an Uso win.

For me, I take it with a grain of salt. Would a Jey Uso win make sense? Sure. But, I’d bet dollars to donuts that most of the rest of the participants can make a good case for winning the briefcase too. I am by no means against an Uso win. Far from it. I just think that, for now, it’s way too soon to make anyone-Uso included-an odds on favorite.

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