Skye Blue Harassed With Sexist And Vulgar Remarks By Grown Male With Child At ROH Taping Leading To Confrontation

One male fan, with a child present at yesterday's ROH taping, harassed Skye Blue with remarks that were sexist and vulgar.

Skye Blue Harassed Remarks
Credit: AEW - Lee South

One male fan, with a child present at yesterday’s ROH taping, harassed Skye Blue with remarks that were sexist and vulgar.

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Yesterday, it was a long day for pro wrestling fans of AEW and ROH. Since they are both owned by Tony Khan, we have seen the two promotions film footage back-to-back. Unfortunately, there are fans who go too far with their comments. The ROH taping featured Skye Blue taking on Rachael Ellering. During the match, several noted how a fan in the front row made vulgar and sexist remarks towards Blue. He was not being shy about his words, yelling them so everyone heard. 

Blue was able to finish the match, but immediately headed to the backstage area. She was described by fans as being visibly upset. At this point, referee Aubrey Edwards went to AEW security and demanded the person be removed from the venue. Now, as security worked on removing the individual, he apparently did not go willingly. He then put up a fight, with no word if it became physical or purely verbally. The person also had a child with them, making the entire situation even sadder. Eventually, security, with the help of fans, were able to get rid of that headache.

Totally Uncalled For By Fan

Skye Blue Harassed Remarks
AEW – Lee South

Honestly, pro wrestling is about having fun, which includes cheering and booing wrestlers. Cursing is simply part of it and not too many people are concerned there. Although, there is no reason to use words that are designed to put someone else down. And, considering their was a child present, it just sets a horrific example.

I must say, props to Saraya who called the fan out on live AEW TV. At that moment, he was still in attendance and Saraya let him have it. She told the cameraman to show the man and began to rip him apart. Of course, Saraya is frequently attacked by fans and she is simply tired of nonsense. Hopefully, Blue can move past the jerk and focus on all the other fans who appreciate her just as she is. So, after Skye Blue was harassed with remarks that were not called for, should that person be banned from all AEW/ROH shows?

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