What’s Going On With Ridge Holland Following NXT Announcement?

Following a seemingly unexpected bombshell, what's going on with Ridge Holland following his NXT announcement?

Ridge Holland NXT Announcement
Credit: WWE

Following a seemingly unexpected bombshell, what’s going on with Ridge Holland following his NXT announcement?

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In case you don’t follow NXT-it’s OK, not everyone does-here’s a recap. Holland, formerly one member of the now-defunct Brawling Brutes, found his way down to Orlando to revisit his time in NXT. Most recently, he was challenged by the recently returned Shawn Spears, and that interaction made Holland question himself and his future.

Ridge Holland NXT Announcement
source: WWE

So what’s going on?

On the most recent and final episode of March, Holland announced he was taking a hiatus from in-ring activities. Then, following the announcement, WWE moved him over to the alumni section of their website. While you might have expected this to be all part of a plan, lately you can never tell. Plus, when someone mentions mental health? All bets are off.

Except, this is all part of a plan. Fightful has confirmed that Holland’s announcement is all part of a story line for him. Right now, where this one goes or how it may end remains unclear. Ridge Holland does remain a bit of a polarizing talent, in part because I suspect some fans have not forgiven him for injuring Big E. And that is in spite of Big E forgiving Holland.

It may not help that, upon returning to NXT, Holland took out Dragon Lee in an injury angle that some felt was a bit tasteless given his history. Even if said history, to the best of my knowledge, is really just one (really tragic) injury. In either case, Holland is fine and will probably get a little television break before coming back to do whatever he’s going to do. Presumably continuing with Spears, but this remains to be seen.

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