Did Shawn Spears Leave AEW With Heat? + NXT Return Reason

Shawn Spears explained why he left AEW for another run in WWE NXT, instead of competing on RAW or SmackDown

shawn spears aew nxt return
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In recent comments to Fightful, Shawn Spears explained why he left AEW to return to WWE, and what he’s doing with NXT. Fightful will be releasing a full interview with Spears but some key notes emerged from the interview.

Any Heat Between Spears and AEW?

Where he is now working the NXT brand. The full interview has yet to be released but Fightful Select has released several important notes from the talk.

There was no heat between himself and AEW. He left on amicable terms. Spears said that going back to WWE was best for his family. When he was offered an opportunity at NXT he quickly decided it was the right move for him. Part of being at NXT means he can stay close to his family who live there. the main roster would obviously have him doing more traveling constantly. Spears said he is also excited to work with Matt Bloom and Shawn Michaels.

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Spears thinks the current NXT roster is top notch and the wrestlers are really delivering right now. He said he was really impressed by the abundance of talent and eagerness in the locker room.

shawn spears aew nxt return

Source: WWE

When it came to leaving AEW, he said it happened almost overnight and all those involved were tight-lipped. The only people on the WWE side who knew, according to Spears, were Paul ‘HHH’ Levesque, Shawn Michaels, and certain Orlando team members. Obviously this is not Spears’ first WWE go-round, where he had formerly performed as Tye Dillinger using a “10” gimmick in which the audience would shout “ten” at the wrestler. Spears asked for his release in 2019 and WWE granted it that same year. He would go on to AEW where he would become ‘The Chairman’ after smacking Cody Rhodes upside the head with a steel chair.

TNow both performers are obviously firmly with the WWE. So, did Shawn Spears make the right call, leaving AEW for a WWE NXT return?

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