Does Mercedes Mone Have Heat In AEW Already?

She only debuted for the company on March 13th, but does Mercedes Mone have heat in AEW already?

Mercedes Mone Have Heat In AEW
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She only debuted for the company on March 13th, but does Mercedes Mone have heat in AEW already?It sounds crazy to even ask that. Especially this fast. But, hear me out. Even before her well-known debut, Mercedes Mone dropped a bit of a stunning tidbit of information. In an interview earlier this week-again, before she had EVER set foot in an AEW ring-she declared that she will work for WWE again one day.

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While wrestlers everywhere know that the two biggest opportunities for them are generally AEW and WWE…it’s sort of bizarre to declare you intend to return to one. All while having just signed with the other…and having not yet debuted. Maybe Mercedes Mone doesn’t have heat in AEW, but the comments irked some folks within the company.

Per the Wrestling Observer, those tone deaf comments didn’t go over too well. It’s one thing when MJF talks about it as part of his obnoxious heel persona. But it’s another thing entirely when a new signing says “I will go back to WWE one day”. As a wrestler, if you are good enough, you will be able to go either place…probably. And we knew as recently as late 2023 that there was at least a chance Mone didn’t become All Elite.

Mercedes Mone Have Heat In AEW

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If there was any doubt why she is there, the interview and her blunt admission may have made it clear. Seems she was chasing the bag, not the opportunity. She has said otherwise, but who is she really fooling after that interview? Plus, the early returns? Not great, as she did not boost numbers one iota. Look, I don’t blame her, or anyone, for taking the biggest offer they like. It’s a free country, and no one knows how many big deals a wrestler will even get. Whether she’s signed for three or five years, it would seem she did not start her run with AEW on the right foot.

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