Becky Lynch Invited To White House For St. Patrick’s Day

To celebrate St. Patrick's Day, WWE superstar Becky Lynch will be attending a White House celebration to honor the holiday.

Becky Lynch White House St. Patrick's Day
Credit: WWE

To celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, WWE superstar Becky Lynch will be attending a White House celebration to honor the holiday.

This Sunday is St. Patrick’s Day, which is a day people really enjoy. It is about showing Irish pride, asour everyone gets into the festivities. There will be the St. Patrick’s Day staples to eat and lots of drinks flowing, especially green beer. Most, will enjoy these activities at home or at local establishment. No matter where, the event should be a ton of fun.

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The fun includes the White House. Yes, the White House where President Joseph Biden resides. He will have several guest attending the event tomorrow including, Lynch and Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar. Other names are expected, but “The Man” will be the only WWE wrestler present. Lynch revealed the news to the New York Post.

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“I got invited to the White House, because I’m Ireland’s national treasure,” said Lynch. “It’s a big Irish celebration, so I’ll be there.”

Becky Lynch White House St. Patrick's Day

Source: WWE

Busy Few Weeks Coming

After the partying, Lynch needs to readjust her priorities. At WrestleMania 40, she will face Rhea Ripley for the WWE Women’s World Championship. Rhea seeks a full year title reign, while Lynch tries to play spoiler. The bout has been talked about for close to a year and, as of now, many see Rhea keeping the gold. I think if Becky won the belt, the fans might turn on her. Rhea’s title reign could have been better, so if she retains, there is time to make adjustments.

It is pretty cool to see WWE wrestlers being invited to major events. I am sure there have been wrestlers in the past to visit, like Triple H, Hulk Hogan and Kane, but it is rare. Also, Becky could be the first female wrestler to make the list. So, any thoughts on Becky Lynch being invited to the White House for St. Patrick’s Day?

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