Toxic Fans Drive Ava Raine Off Of Social Media

It's happened before, it will happen again...and now toxic fans drive Ava Raine off of social media.

Toxic Raine

It’s happened before, it will happen again…and now toxic fans drive Ava Raine off of social media.

Why Ava Raine, you might ask?

Because, if you didn’t know, Ava Raine is The Rock’s daughter.

Toxic Raine

And a small portion of WWE fans are a bit unhinged. So unhinged that the young NXT general manager deleted her account.


Because people were sending her vile messages, including death threats, all because her father has seemingly pushed Cody Rhodes out of his desired main event match in Philadelphia.

Toxic Fans Drive Ava Raine Off Of Social Media

This situation just shows one of the major issues with social media. Thanks to Wrestling, Inc for covering it.

The things people say to someone in person are usually not as extreme as what they drop in someone’s direct messages.

With a perception of anonymity and distance, people think they can get away with it.

And, some people are crazy enough to think that The Rock, or WWE, would cave because people are threatening his daughter.

No one should need to see this, but this behavior is not acceptable.

Fans continue to push against WWE for the expected announcement of Rock-Roman Reigns, instead of Cody Rhodes finishing his story.

I stress expected, because nothing has become officially official yet, and the press event happens Thursday evening.

There has been a lot of chatter about when the call was apparently made for Rock-Reigns, and by whom.

Most fans have the biggest issue with Cody Rhodes winning the Rumble, calling his shot, and now that is very much at risk.

Toxic Fans Ava Raine

If the plan had been for The Rock to take on the Tribal Chief all along, then have Rock win the Rumble. Or, anyone not named Cody Rhodes.

Showing he’s a smart cookie, Rhodes is believed to have voiced his concern as to how fans would react to the pivot. If so, he was not wrong.

Things may get a lot more clear on Thursday evening, so stay tuned.

But, for now, don’t be that person who wants to threaten a Superstar’s daughter.

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