Becky Lynch And Drew McIntyre Must Win At Elimination Chamber 2024

Bold statements get people talking, and here's one of them: Becky Lynch And Drew McIntyre Must Win At Elimination Chamber 2024.

Becky Lynch Drew McIntyre
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Bold statements get people talking, and here’s one of them: Becky Lynch And Drew McIntyre Must Win At Elimination Chamber 2024.

Not should win…not could win…MUST win.

I will be completely honest, I feel a touch less strongly about Becky than about Drew, but in the end, I do think both should get the wins when it’s all said and done.

But why? Well, for that, you need to give me a moment and keep reading.

Becky Lynch And Drew McIntyre Must Win At Elimination Chamber 2024

The winners of the men’s and women’s Elimination Chamber matches earn dates with Seth Rollins and whomever holds the women’s World Title by the end of the show.

Rollins is likely not working a match until WrestleMania due to his knee.

However, on the women’s side, Rhea Ripley will defend her gold against Nia Jax, hence the touch of uncertainty.

Up first on my must win? Becky Lynch.

Becky Lynch Drew McIntyre
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Part of me thinks that Nia Jax will win, and a Nia/Becky clash in Philadelphia…well the hype writes itself.

WWE have already been bringing a lot of it back up too, so you have to at least wonder.

Nia Jax is the how and why behind Lynch’s “The Man” persona. And yet, in spite of all that history between them…we’ve never had Lynch and Jax do battle on a major event and for a major prize.

If Jax beats Ripley, we could see it. Not saying that Jax will win, but the story is there.

However…if Ripley retains? Becky Lynch and the current top woman on RAW have had plenty of passing glances in the past few months.

The slow burn to a possible big time match for those two is there too. Either title match makes a ton of sense, and that is why Lynch is my call.

Drew McIntyre must win too.

Simply put, this one is begging to happen, for a variety of reasons.

Drew has been egging on both Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins…though sometimes speaking the honest truth and not being entirely a heel.

He cheered CM Punk’s injury…and it is that injury that has McIntyre positioned as a favorite to win the men’s Elimination Chamber match.

Drew versus Seth works. There is a rivalry there to play with, but there is more.

Becky Lynch Drew McIntyre
source: wwe

For starters, let’s assume Rollins loses and goes to get his knee right.

Right out of the gate, we know Sami Zayn still owes Drew. Big first defense opportunity there.

We also know that Drew has not stayed quiet about CM Punk…and Punk will return this year. While not as big as Punk-Rollins…could Punk-McIntyre be a big match for say…SummerSlam?

The other item hanging out in the corner? WWE sort of owes this to the former champion.

Drew McIntyre enjoyed his first big reign…during the pandemic, with no fans. He got his big Rumble win, fans were excited…and then things shut down.

He deserves a run with fans, regardless of if he is a heel or face.

The curve here is…could there be a cash-in? And if so, will Priest be successful and set up another logical feud of Priest versus McIntyre?

Any way you look at it, the men’s Elimination Chamber must be Drew McIntyre. It just makes too much sense.

So, if it was up to me…we’d see Lynch and McIntyre earning their way into title matches for WrestleMania 40.

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