Cora Jade On The Road To Recovery From Injury

Cora Jade Recovery Injury
source: @corajadewwe, x, screenshot

Barely back in NXT, she suffered a devastating ACL tear, and now Cora Jade is on the road to recovery from her injury.

The rising WWE Superstar posted pictures from her hospital room, indicating that she has or was about to have surgery to repair her knee injury.

Assuming it is a “standard” tear, with no additional damage…and that she has no complications…we might see Cora Jade back late in 2024.

It would be a stretch, but not an impossible one.

Cora Jade Recovery Injury
source: @corajadecom, x, screenshot

From injury to surgery to a return to the ring can run anywhere from six to nine months on average.

Sometimes complications arise, and in those cases, the timetable gets thrown out of the window.

One such recent example, though not with a knee injury, was R-Truth.

Cora Jade On The Road To Recovery From Injury

Truth had some really scary issues on his own road to recovery. We hope Cora Jade’s is nothing like that, outside of getting back to the ring as good as ever.

Another, and more recent and similar example would be Charlotte Flair. Or, quite possibly Dakota Kai.

Flair suffered her injury relatively recently, and within weeks of her own surgery we’ve seen her working out without a brace.

Dakota Kai suffered her knee injury early in 2023. She’s been on television with Damage CTRL for the last few months.

Cora Jade Recovery Injury
source: @corajadewwe, x, screenshot

Using the typical timing, she should be able to return to the ring soon. It is possible she might even be in the 2024 Royal Rumble.

Or, maybe just a surprise return, but on RAW or SmackDown?

It is also possible that WWE would opt to take a conservative approach, with any of the above female Superstars.

Given the resources available to them, I have no doubt that Cora Jade will work her tail off to return to NXT better than ever.

Of course, the blogger in me will wonder…if things trend more toward a nine month recovery…could we see her held out until the 2025 Royal Rumble?

After all…she’s arguably one of the NXT talents closest to main roster ready, or was. Might the company move her up once she is all healed?

We will just have to stay tuned!

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