Is Damage CTRL Losing A Member Soon?

Based on recent happenings, is Damage CTRL losing a member soon?

Damage CTRL Losing Member
Credit: @wweonfox, twitter,screenshot

Based on recent happenings, is Damage CTRL losing a member soon?

The hints and teases have been there for a few weeks, and the loudest and most obvious one yet was delivered this past Friday.

On SmackDown, only four members of Damage CTRL went out to confront Bianca Belair.

The heels were fended off by Belair, Shotzi and Charlotte.

Damage CTRL Losing Member
source: @wweonfox, twitter,screenshot

Conspicuous by her absence, of course, was Bayley.

When they all caught up, it seems they expected Bayley to be there, but “no one told her”.

Is Damage CTRL Losing A Member Soon?

So, is what we saw on Friday just the latest hint?

After all, once Kairi Sane showed up, and then Asuka turned and joined the group…Bayley seemed not aware.

And during the lead up to WarGames, there were a few moments where the group turning on Bayley was at least strongly teased.

Like when the founder called everyone in the ring a member of the group, and Dakota corrected her.

A worried Bayley thought was was getting booted. Turns out, at that time, Asuka wasn’t a member.

Once a massively popular fan favorite, we’ve had heel Bayley for quite a while. It seems that she might be flipping back to a face soon.

Damage CTRL Losing Member
source: @damagecontrolla, twitter, screenshot

How long the teases will last remains to be seen.

As a fan, I can’t help but look ahead…and wonder.

Dakota Kai should be cleared for in-ring work again in the next few months, meaning Damage CTRL will be back to full strength.

But, should they kick Bayley out, it would give them a four woman squad (assuming they don’t recruit any new blood).

With Bayley out, that could see her go crawling back to two of her fellow Horsewomen.

And, oddly enough, the fourth Horsewoman remains out there, a free agent.

Hard to ignore that lately, there’s been a bit of a surge in whispers that maybe…just maybe…Sasha Banks could return to WWE?

While we only just had WarGames 2023…could you imagine Damage CTRL versus the 4 Horsewomen in 2024?

Heck, if Triple H could pull off a Banks return, that’s a big enough match for WrestleMania…and then just run it back for Survivor Series.

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