Are WWE Superstars About To Get Massive Paydays?

WWE Superstars
Credit: @OsmanOOS, twitter, screenshot

With a lot of talk about doing good business…are WWE Superstars about to get massive paydays?

Specifically, this focuses on a few bigger names whom are believed to have expiring contracts. But it’s a good bet it goes beyond that.

In recent months, there have been indications that Becky Lynch, Sheamus and Seth Rollins are among the biggest names who have deals expiring in 2024.

Drew McIntyre would be another.

And while for both the Scottish Warrior and the Celtic one too, there were whispers that they’d play out the string and check in on AEW. TKO might make them think twice about it.

On the heels of a massive return for CM Punk on Saturday (and the social media impressions show just how big a draw he remains), the checkbooks are open, it seems.

Per the Wrestling Observer, some talents are expected to see massive bumps in pay to ensure they remain with WWE.

It’s interesting, if not entirely unexpected.

WWE Superstars
source: @OsmanOOS, twitter, screenshot

WWE did a similar move earlier back when AEW was starting up. Though, paying above market to some Superstars (some odd choices) was not great.

The goal then was to not let the upstart company snatch any top talent to aid in their rise.

But, as we know, it isn’t all about the money. Some Superstars were probably offered good deals to stay, but the appeal of a lighter schedule and different opponents lured them in.

It is a whole new deal now, however.

With WWE under new management, and with two of three massive new television deals already inked, the company is reportedly intent on ensuring that if they want someone, they keep them.

Are WWE Superstars About To Get Massive Paydays?

Of course, that runs counter to one of the first post-TKO moves we saw, where Superstars like Dolph Ziggler and Mustafa Ali were axed.

Sure, maybe both are solidly mid-card now, but especially for Ziggler, it’s a very well known name.

And while I am sure TKO could go make them an offer to come back…and it wouldn’t be the first time…I won’t bet on those.

I have to wonder if the money and motivation will be there for some notable free agents.

One that specifically comes to mind is Mercedes Mone, the former Sasha Banks.

WWE Superstars
source: @OsmanOOS, twitter, screenshot

Banks, along with Naomi, walked out on WWE…but that was Vince’s WWE.

Mone likely has a better relationship with Triple H. With things under a new leader, and bigger checks…you wonder if she’d be coming back sooner than later.

We may be seeing a new era wrestling war heat up. If in the span of a few months WWE can land Jade Cargill and CM Punk and then bring back Sasha Banks…all three would be big gets.

And, I will throw this out as food for thought….

The 2024 Royal Rumble will be Triple H’s first with creative control. In 2023, the Vince hostile takeover was in full effect, and I’d bet a nickel that Hunter had issues.

Knowing how big that match is, with some financial flexibility and wanting to kick off 2024 in style? I have a feeling Triple H will give us one for the ages.

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