R-Truth WWE
Source: @reigns_era, Twitter, Screenshot

R-Truth, whose real name is Ron Killings, sustained an injury in November 2022 and has been out of action, since. Still, a social media post teases that he may be ready for a major WWE comeback.

R-Truth Spotted At WWE Performance Center

The wrestling veteran was injured in late 2022 during an NXT bout, where he faced Grayson Waller. Sadly, he tore his quad.

Still, after nine months of being out of action, there is some hope for the star and his fans. He recently hinted at a return to the ring, after posting a picture of himself on social media.

Taking to Twitter, Killings tweeted a photo of himself at the Performance Center in Orlando, Florida. As you can see above, no message was offered, but three hashtags.

R-Truth WWE
Source: @JustTalkWrestling, Twitter, Screenshot

Ron seemed very positive about a possible return to the squared circle when responding to fans’ comments on the photo. With that being said, he didn’t offer any specific information and mainly responded with emojis.

Wrestling History With The Company

Killings first entered the company in 1999 and stayed until 2002. After stints with TNA (Impact) and other promotions, he returned in 2008 and has been with the WWE since.

Over the years, he’s held the United States title (twice), the Hardcore Championship (twice), and has been a Tag Champion with Kofi Kingston. He’s also held the 24/7 title 54 times and is one of few talents to hold the championship for longer than 24 hours.

R-Truth WWE
Source: @wrestlelamia, Twitter, Screenshot

Moreover, Ron is known for his over-the-top comedic storylines and extremely positive energy whenever he enters the ring or a backstage segment. Loved by many fans, he truly has created an incredible impact on this industry and is undeniably a future Hall of Famer.

There are no details on a timeline for his comeback, so fans will have to stay tuned. We here at WNZ wish him a speedy recovery.