How Long Until We See Jimmy Vs Jey
source: @nikkiextra, twitter, screenshot

Now the shock of what we saw Saturday has worn off…how long until we see Jimmy vs Jey?

After all, the brother versus brother clash we are about to get? It could be built up to be one of the biggest clashes no one was expecting.

OK, so maybe some of you out there expected we’d see Jimmy and Jey clash eventually.

After all, we’ve now seen cousin against cousin-several times. And, both Jimmy and Jey have taken shots at little brother Solo Sikoa.

But twin on twin violence? That could be something entirely different and supremely special.

How Long Until We See Jimmy Vs Jey
source: @nikkiextra, twitter, screenshot


How Long Until We See Jimmy Vs Jey?

Right away, my mind went to Payback.

We know that the next PLE happens in less than a month, and knowing that Roman wasn’t working it (even before he got injured) it would give the brothers something to do.

But…is it too soon?

Looking around the socials, plenty of fans figured that Uso versus Uso would be saved a very long time…as in, WrestleMania, next April, in Philadelphia.

According to WrestleVotes, even some within WWE have leaned in that direction…but they are in the minority.

I can certainly see both sides of the equation.
How Long Until We See Jimmy Vs Jey
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Uso versus Uso, if given a long, slow build, could be a huge main event level match in April.

But, that is, as they say, 35 weeks away.

That is a really, really long time to wait, especially considering we see Jimmy and Jey on TV every week.

Could WWE find a way to keep this match from us for that long? Absolutely…it has been done before.

But, there are also risks.

Will both Superstars stay healthy? And, will fans remain engaged and interested in THAT match, for that long, while we wait?

We should know soon enough, as it seems a safe bet we will see some interaction on this Friday’s SmackDown.