WWE Planning Huge Solo Sikoa Match, NXT Wrestler Injured

Huge Solo Sikoa Match
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There is a huge Solo Sikoa match that WWE has planned for the future. Also, a popular NXT wrestler is legitimately injured

WWE Planning Huge Solo Sikoa Match

The Bloodline will go down as one of the most dominant stables in WWE history. For the most part, they seemed united and unbeatable. 

They still seem unbeatable, having held gold for several years. Although, they are far from united.

At the Royal Rumble, Sami Zayn (an honorary Uce) turned his back by hitting Roman Reigns with a chair. Afterwards, he was given a hellish beating. 

Yet, Jey Uso would not go after Sami. Instead, he left and is relationship with his own family is crumbling.

And, after failing to defeat Reigns at the Elimination Chamber, Zayn has vowed to end the group. So far, his plan might be working.

Without Jey, Solo Sikoa has been replacing him for tag team matches. The way WWE is booking The Bloodline, they could be done shortly after WrestleMania 39.

Now, on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer discussed the future for Solo. Basically, Meltzer noted how WWE wants to have Solo challenge Reigns somewhere down the line.

So, that would explain why WWE booked Sikoa to beat Zayn on SmackDown. The idea is to keep Sikoa looking like an unstoppable force.

A push for Solo is not surprising. Ever since joining the main roster, The Bloodline’s enforcer has decimated people left and right.

Even in NXT, he was only pinned a few times. Therefore, WWE has been very high on him since his early days in NXT.

Look for The Bloodline’s problems to continue during the road to WrestleMania 39. Like any group in pro wrestling, the members will eventually turn on each other.

NXT Wrestler Injured

Huge Solo Sikoa Match

Source: @WONF4W, Twitter, Screenshot

WWE is known to run an injury angle when a superstar is legitimately hurt. And, they did so on the latest episode of NXT this past Tuesday night.

While McKenzie Mitchell was interviewing Nathan Frazer, she was informed of an attack in the parking-lot. It marks the second sneak attack, where a female NXT wrestler was injured.

WWE ran a similar angle with Nikkita Lyons, who is looking at 12 months away following surgery. Both times, no culprit was identified.

According to Bryan Alvarez via Wrestling Headlines, Wendy Choo is injured. No details were provided, but the belief is the injury is not too serious.

Choo has been with WWE for a few years, but a dealt with several injuries. In the beginning, she was billed as Mei Ying and was the leader of Tian Sha.

That angle was completely dropped and Choo was repackaged. Now, she a new unique gimmick where she is constantly tired and wrestles in a onesie.

Oddly, enough the gimmick seems be a success with fans. Hopefully, she is back shortly.

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