Kofi Kingston May Retire Crazy
Source: @luissalvadorpt, Twitter, Screenshot

Kofi Kingston may retire crazy Royal Rumble spots since the last two did not go as planned and 7were complete botches on live TV.

Kofi Kingston May Retire Crazy Royal Rumble Spots

When it pertains to the Royal Rumble, unpredictable is a common theme. Often, that is what makes the January event so special.

By now, everyone knows the rules. You must be thrown over the top rope and both feet must hit the floor to be eliminated.

Kofi Kingston has taken the only two rules and become somewhat of a must see person. He has never won, nor is he ever the favorite. 

Source: @PWRoundup, Twitter, Screenshot

Still, he manages to delight fans with his unique way of staying a bit longer. He was on a roll, but the last two years have seen him botch whatever he had planned.

While speaking on the Going Postl podcast, we learned Kofi Kingston may retire crazy spots.

“I’ve been in that position for so long that I try to think about things to do and it’s almost like reiterations of the older ones or trying to one-up the older ones,” said Kingston. “Then, I’m thinking like, man, well risk-reward.” 

“Is this worth it to try it and not do it? Or, maybe that’s the deal, maybe that’s what I do now is like try it and then fail at it for the next 12 years.” 

“So, I don’t know. I’m on the fence about where it’s gonna go, but there’s part of me too that wants to be like, oh no, F you. I’m gonna do it.” 

“I can’t go out like that; can’t go out like that and that can’t be the last one. But, I don’t know. It is what it is. We’ll see what happens.”

Source: @luissalvadorpt, Twitter, Screenshot

If Kingston does not try another impressive spot, he had an amazing run. His unique style will always be part of Royal Rumble history.

For now, he has about seven months to decide. I figure he tries at least one more time.

If it does not go as planned, then he moves on.

So, Kofi Kingston may retire crazy Royal Rumble spots since the last two were major botches. Do you agree it is time to put those to rest?