Looking At The Best Feuds Of 2023

As the year winds down, we are looking at the best feuds of 2023.

The Best Feuds Of 2023
source: @eliteclubs0b, twitter, screenshot

As the year winds down, we are looking at the best feuds of 2023.

It was an eventful year, to be sure.

What we present here is by no means an exhaustive list. It will not be perfect, and there is definitely room for debate.

But, we surely had some engaging feuds this year, so let’s get started…

Looking At The Best Feuds Of 2023

So, knowing what we are working with now…let’s dive in!

Judgement Day versus…everyone.

The first of a few faction-themed feuds, Judgement Day have been a staple of WWE RAW.

The Best Feuds Of 2023
source: @slappa_wwe, twitter, screenshot

I would argue that this largely focuses on Finn Balor, Damien Priest and Dominik Mysterio. Rhea Ripley has been a dominant champion…but I feel like better things are ahead for her.

Priest, Balor et al jumped in after WrestleMania as the Bloodline took a bit of a back seat.

We saw them tangle with Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn and others.

It has been an exceptional year for the group, and with a Money In The Bank briefcase cash-in looming, 2024 is set to be even better.

The Bloodline versus…take your pick.

Not unlike the Judgement Day, the Bloodline went at anyone.

The first quarter of the year was driven by the entire saga between Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn and the group.

Cody Rhodes looms too, though his quest to finish his story has been simmering.

They get plenty of television time, and for good reason.

The Best Feuds Of 2023
source: @eliteclubs0b, twitter, screenshot

Triple H versus Vince McMahon

This was the feud we didn’t know we were getting…and we all saw it play out on television, sort of.

Vince going into forced retirement, only to push his way back in, was a huge story in 2022.

His focus at that point was the eventual sale of WWE.

Caught up in all of that? Creative control.

After McMahon was pushed out, fans were mostly thrilled with the product that Triple H was cranking out.

But, with McMahon weaseling his way back in, that clear creative leadership went up in smoke.

The impact to the on-air product was impossible to miss.

Then the sale went through, and some adjustments were made. The product got better again, and we eventually learned that the new bosses sided with Triple H.

Damage CTRL versus the women’s roster.

What Judgement Day or the Bloodline did to the men’s side of the house, Damage CTRL did to the women’s.

This all culminated at 2023’s WarGames, but we can expect more in 2024.

There is tension within the group, but for the moment, IYO SKY holds the gold and the group wants more.

They run SmackDown’s women’s division, until they implode.

MJF versus Adam Cole

I had trouble settling on this one, because I am admittedly not the most massive of AEW fans.

However, MJF working with, and against, Adam Cole was unexpected gold.

We still don’t know if MJF is sticking with AEW or landing in the big leagues, but I would pick this one as the most enjoyable feud he had in the ring in 2023.

CM Punk versus The Elite, Tony Khan…you get the idea.

This one is in the same veign and father in law versus son in law from above.

We saw a lot of Punk clashing with the AEW boss, The Elite, Jack Perry and others.

Problem was, outside of Perry, nothing about this was in the ring, in front of the camera and for the benefit of fans.

Things boiled over late in 2022, leaving Punk suspended into 2023.

Once he did return, things seemed OK…until they weren’t.

And as we know now, things got so bad that allegedly Tony Khan feared for his life, and terminated Punk’s contract.

He has since returned to WWE, and so far, so good.

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