Where Does The Bloodline Go From Here?

After we all witnessed Tribal Combat...where does the Bloodline go from here?

Where Does The Bloodline Go From Here
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After we all witnessed Tribal Combat…where does the Bloodline go from here?

Sure, the faction had fractured long before Saturday in Detroit.

The cracks, of course, began in early 2023. When the Honorary Uce stepped in to save on and off best friend Kevin Owens from chair shots, the first fractures were visible.

Things were teased out over the next few months, with the now redeemed Sami Zayn doing his best to convince Jimmy and Jey Uso that they didn’t have to put up with Reigns’ tyranny.

The twins did eventually break free, though they couldn’t yet free younger brother Solo Sikoa.

All of the chaos from the first two thirds of 2023 led us to Detroit, to SummerSlam 2023, and to asking one major question.

Where Does The Bloodline Go From Here?


It is, of course, a valid question. We are talking about a program and faction that has dominated much of WWE programming since the Thunderdome era.

Where Does The Bloodline Go From Here
source: PeacockTV, app, screenshot

Reigns returned to WWE during that time, and in doing so, he embraced his inner heel…and since that time, we’ve all witnessed an historic run.

And with the win in the main event of SummerSlam…that historic run continues, in a way many of us likely never expected.

Just weeks ago, Jimmy and Jey were firmly against Roman and Solo.

Solo splashed Jimmy, writing him off television for a good chunk of time.

Knowing that Tribal Combat meant no DQ, it seemed likely we’d see Jimmy return at Ford Field.

Just…you expected it to be a return to help his brother take out the Tribal Chief.

As Main Event Jey Uso was mere seconds away from the decisive three count…a man in black appeared and yanked Jey out of the ring.

It was Jimmy. Moments later, the now returned Uso drilled his brother with a superkick and fed him to Reigns, who speared Jey and secured another title defense.

Where Does The Bloodline Go From Here
source: PeacockTV, app, screenshot

Many of us figured we might see a tainted victory, delivered with help from Solo Sikoa.


Perhaps a surprise cameo by a famous Hollywood cousin?

Also no.

Instead, it was someone who’s been here all along, and who when we last saw him, was a babyface once again.

Not anymore.

I am sure we will find out something on Friday, but just when you thought the Bloodline was on life support…they just re-added a member, it would seem.

It also seems likely, since Reigns enjoys himself a part-time schedule, that the looming Payback PLE from Pittsburgh in September?

It won’t be a Reigns/Uso rematch. I’d bet dollars to donuts it’s Jimmy versus Jey in the main event.

The how and the why will be interesting to hear.

My best guess? Perhaps some jealousy between brothers?

Where Does The Bloodline Go From Here
source: PeacockTV, app, screenshot

It would be somewhat disturbing and maybe a tiny bit funny if Jimmy said Paul Heyman made him an offer he couldn’t refuse.

No matter the reason, this was perhaps one schism, one program out of the entire Bloodline saga, that was a bit hard to expect, at least to me.

Yes, I know that Jimmy and Jey have been taking shots at their younger brother in recent weeks.

That’s one thing. Kicking your twin?

Next level heel heat is incoming, if I had to guess. I mean, just listen back to the crowd at Ford Field, letting Jimmy hear their distinct displeasure at a most unexpected back-stabbing.

And, if I were to fast-forward a few months? I have to wonder if things don’t end up as a prolonged family feud.

We know Survivor Series is in November…and we have not yet had WarGames confirmed for it.


Could you imagine The Bloodline versus Team Jey?

Roman, Jimmy, Solo and a couple friends (surely there are cousins available here) versus Jey, Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn and perhaps a mystery partner or two?

I mean…I would have never imagined that scenario, but given what transpired on Saturday…it got a whole lot easier to consider.

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