Jeff Hardy Feels Like A Ghost In AEW

It seems so long ago now that his AEW arrival was a big deal...and now Jeff Hardy feels like a ghost.

Jeff Hardy
Source: AEW Socialie

It seems so long ago now that his AEW arrival was a big deal…and now Jeff Hardy feels like a ghost.

My how the mighty have fallen, right?

Jeff wanted to join his brother Matt in the company.

Because of their separate WWE contracts and the joys of extending deals due to injuries, Matt shook free before Jeff did.

Jeff escaped after some bizarre behavior during a show which left some thinking he was having new substance related issues.

Or, he was acting out to get out.

Jeff Hardy
Source: AEW Socialie

Whatever the case, Jeff landed in AEW and the brothers reunited.

And since they teamed up in Tony Khan’s promotion…they’ve done surprisingly little.

Jeff Hardy Feels Like A Ghost

Not long after Matt sounded off about how things are going for him in AEW, his brother did the same thing.

On Matt’s podcast, Jeff mentioned that he has felt like a ghost backstage in AEW.

More surprising, he noted that he endured a similar feeling during a previous run with WWE.

The frustration was not hard to catch.

Both Hardy brothers feel like there is much more that they can contribute in AEW, and that right now, they aren’t being utilized at all.

Frustration can be a motivating factor, so it is possible that both brothers may use this to launch them into some new creative effort.

After all, during their time across multiple promotions, both have shown off some of the more unique characters in recent memory.

Jeff Hardy
Source: AEw Socialie

But here is a challenge…an obstacle, if you will.

Some have criticized Tony Khan and AEW for issues with story telling, or an inability to do so.

Instead, too often we get some big matches but without much build to them.

If the people running the show aren’t willing or able to get behind good storytelling by talents, then can any reincarnation of either Hardy stand a chance?

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