Charlotte Flair Is Staying With WWE

Ignoring the rumors, and in spite of a major knee injury, Charlotte Flair has signed an extension and is staying with WWE.

Charlotte Flair Is Staying
source: @_pwchronicle, twitter, screenshot

Unrelated to her unfortunate recent injury, Charlotte Flair is staying with WWE.

More to the point, it has been reported that Flair has signed a multi-year extension with the company.

The company has not yet commented. But Fightful has reported the news, and other sources in the wrestling media have corroborated.

If so, such an extension is indeed major news.

At times, there were some who thought that Flair might let her WWE contract run out so that she could go join her husband and father in AEW.

Charlotte Flair Is Staying
source: @_pwchronicle, twitter, screenshot

Instead, with a healthy extension signed, we will once again be watching to see if Andrade jumps back to WWE when able to do so.

Charlotte Flair Is Staying With WWE

We don’t know the length of the extension or the terms. Just that it covers multiple years and is among the richest for a WWE woman in history.

It is also believed to be yet another deal providing a Superstar with a bus to get from show to show.

Unfortunately for Flair, she won’t be show hopping again until 2024, due to her knee injury and recovery.

But, regardless of whether WWE tacks on some injury time, Charlotte Flair will be in WWE for at least a few more years.

With her appearing to be re-signed, it could be a sign that others will follow.

Charlotte Flair Is Staying
source: @seanrosssapp, twitter, screenshot

The report indicates that Charlotte’s deal was done before the extensions for Dom and Rey Mysterio.

We know that Drew McIntyre, Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch are some big name WWE Superstars that are believed to be on expiring deals.

Now that TKO is fully in charge, it seems likely that we can expect more deals to get done. Assuming that those Superstars wish to re-sign with the company, of course.

Given what deals remain to be done, it could be a busy few months.

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