WWE Contemplates Moving The Day Monday Night RAW Airs

According to a report, there are talks that Monday Night RAW could move air dates.

WWE Contemplates
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According to a report, it seems like the WWE is contemplating the idea of moving air dates for Monday Night RAW.

WWE Contemplates A RAW Move

Ari Emanuel, Endeavor and TKO head honcho, was in attendance for Bloomberg’s Screentime conference. During it all, he talked about the deal for Friday Night SmackDown to return to the USA Network next year, in October.

The Blue brand will be leaving FOX and heading back to NBCUniversal, recently signing a five-year contract with the network. During his talk, Emanuel also boasted about the wrestling promotion’s “flexibility” when it comes to program scheduling, in light of when a TV network wants to air it.

He also mentioned that there’s a good amount of interest when it comes to both NXT and Monday Night RAW programming. After the news hit about SmackDown’s deal, reports have since revealed that the USA Network is not likely going to renew deals with NXT and RAW.

WresteVotes, a wrestling spoiler handle on X/Twitter, recently tweeted something interesting. The post can be seen above.

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Looks like Endeavor is open to moving the dates of RAW if it is something a television network wants. Meanwhile, it also notes that those in the WWE hope for RAW stays on Monday nights.

Since its inception in early 1993, the Red brand has aired on Monday nights. While the company has incurred its fair share of changes as of late, it would seem odd if RAW changed dates, but might also provide a fresh new chapter in the show’s history.

WWE Contemplates
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Currently, RAW is the longest-running weekly episode show in the U.S., which has produced over 1,500 original epis, and has been on air for over 25 years. Changing its date would feel like the end of an era, so only time will tell what Endeavor executives decide on.