Monday Night Raw reportedly could change to more ‘adult’ content soon

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One constant in life is change and Monday Night Raw could see an interesting change in the near future.

Nick Khan has been making rounds, and a big topic of conversation is the looming television rights negotiations. Both RAW and SmackDown could be finding themselves new network homes soon enough, depending on how the offers come in.

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There’s already been talk that, if it made sense, SmackDown could move away from Fridays. Seems hard to fathom, but fans who’ve been around long enough will remember that SmackDown was not always on Fridays.

But that is all about the blue brand. What about Mondays?

Could Monday Night RAW give fans a new adult look?

For starters, Khan has even said that RAW is not locked into Mondays.

Money talks, and for the right price, RAW can move. I’d consider this unlikely, but nothing would surprise me, either.

The WWE CEO Nick Khan did reveal recently that one change he does not anticipate relates to RAW’s runtime-all involved expect it to remain a three-hour show. But could RAW change things up, in some other way?

With a new creative group in place since the summer of 2023, we’ve heard whispers of some changes and seen a fair few of them too. But, could the final hour of RAW get a bit more intense and edgy? A new report this week claims there are conversations about the final hour of Monday Night Raw (from 10 PM to 11 PM ET) could be more adult-themed in a new television deal. The company’s television rights run out with Fox and USA Network early next year.

We’ve seen some instances of it, with some blood and language in the last hour already. These could be a sign of things to come. In 2022, there was an expectation that we could see part of Monday Night RAW gain a TV-14 rating, but that did not come to pass. Now, that may be back on the table.

monday night raw
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I am not one to push for blood just for the sake of it, but having a generally edgier portion of the show could let WWE get really creative once again. Thinking back to the “golden age” of Mondays, it was nearly anything goes.

Could we get back to that? And if we do will it bring in big ratings? After all, there are definitely fans who’ve flocked to AEW due to its “edgier” content, something WWE had moved away from.

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