Could SmackDown Make A Big Move?

SmackDown Make A Big Move
Credit: YouTube TV, app, screenshot

It seems almost crazy to ask, but could SmackDown make a big move?

The timing of this question is curious, but honestly, not related to any AEW programming moves.

This possibility is also unrelated to the Endeavor purchase of WWE.

So then, why are we asking if SmackDown could make a big move?

Because the television rights deals are expiring in the near future.

And with expiring deals come contract negotiations.

WWE has run RAW on the USA Network for most of the show’s existence. SmackDown currently calls FOX home…but could that change?

I mean…

SmackDown Make A Big Move
source: YouTube TV, app, screenshot

Could SmackDown Make A Big Move?

In a word, yes. And that is not me speculating.

Nick Khan himself floated the idea that, depending on negotiations, SmackDown could move nights if the show leaves FOX.

This is where it is also worth noting that, while we just had the TV upfront presentations…FOX didn’t mention SmackDown.

Khan spoke at a conference, and the notes got summarized by Wrestling Inc.

As we’ve heard previously, these upcoming television negotiations could be crazy.

These deals are at least part of the reason Vince McMahon forced himself back into the company.

While NBCUniversal and FOX have been partnered with WWE for years, money talks.

And, WWE is well aware of the big dollars some streaming platforms are willing to shell out, which is where things get interesting.

Names like Amazon, Netflix and AppleTV have all pushed to get into sports more and more. Amazon has a deal with the NFL, for example. Apple has angled for other live sports.

Khan predicted that the price for SmackDown could increase 1.5 times over the last price.

Which, for those of us keeping score at home, could see WWE pull in $1.5 billion for 5 years of the show.

SmackDown Make A Big Move
source: YouTube TV, app, screenshot

That all depends on how negotiations go, of course. Some provider could want more (or less) term.

And if WWE is lucky, they are surely hoping for a bidding war between a few options.

Buckle up wrestling fans…the blue brand could not only be moving channels…but possibly nights, too.

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