Jam Packed Friday Night : SmackDown In A Nutshell

Another SmackDown in a Nutshell, and this one gives us a jam packed Friday night.

Jam Packed Friday Night
Credit: YouTubeTV, app, screenshot

Another SmackDown in a Nutshell, and this one gives us a jam packed Friday night.

Of course, jam packed does have a bit of a loaded meaning here.

Tonight’s show is the final time we will get a live, or pseudo-live, SmackDown until the second Friday in November. The blue crew is filming two back to back tonight.

Because next Friday, all of the talent (well, maybe not all, but a lot) will be over in Saudi Arabia.

I maintain that, after such a great show years ago when NXT saved the day due to travel issues coming back, that these shows the Friday before would be a great chance to run special NXT events.

But, I digress.

We’ve got Roman Reigns back for the show, so you know that will be fun. Especially with the contract signing…because those always go off smooth.

We can expect Logan Paul, probably, to hype that big US Championship match.

Kevin Owens surely has to get more involved on his new show, right?

So, you get the idea, it’s a big show, so let’s get into it…

Jam Packed Friday Night : SmackDown In A Nutshell

Jam Packed Friday Night
source: YouTubeTV, app, screenshot

Let’s crack open this Nutshell and enjoy!

Best Match of the night:

Did it get a long run time? No.

Was it broken up by commercial? Yes.

But it was still really good.

Hear me out…maybe WWE, you know SHOULD bring back the Cruiserweight or introduce a similiar Light Heavyweight title.

Jam Packed Friday Night
source: YouTubeTV, app, screenshot

Some of these guys are really really good, and deserve a title to fight for.

Worst match of the night:

Nothing really, but the LWO/Street Profits match was predictable for what it was, and not in a great way.

Crowd Chants of the Night:

Good crowd, but I couldn’t make out a lot of the chants, if I am being honest.

Star of the Night

It has to be LA Knight. He was exceptional tonight, from start to finish, nearly exactly.

Jam Packed Friday Night
source: YouTubeTV, app, screenshot

Honorable mentions to three.

Bianca Belair. Fans have missed her, based on the pops she’s getting.

Dragon Lee and Cedric Alexander…need I say more?

Spot of the Night:

Yep. I almost don’t care what else we have tonight, this was it.

Jobber of the Night:

By the end of the match, it was Santos.

Escobar was left alone to take on the Profits after Carlito went to help a downed Rey.

Upset of the Night:

I’d bet Roman was upset how things went to close the show…

Holy Sh** Moment of the Night:

I loved it…but this was definitely IT.

Botch of the night:

Now, as much as I loved the one punch/two faces…when you watch it close, you can tell the first face was kind of missed.

Kind of.

I mean, it is what it is, it was still funny.

Also, Cole saying Dame took a lot of money to play in Milwaukee.

No, he was traded. He may have had some input, perhaps he got a bump in pay, but he absolutely did not take a lot of money as a free agent.

Commentary of the night:

Graves: “I’ll go anywhere if they pay me enough”

LOL Moment of the night:

Kevin Owens swore he could punch both Grayson Waller and Austin Theory with one punch.

The duo swore he couldn’t.

Go check the spot of the night to find out, if you missed it on your way here.

Noteworthy Moment:

Based on the backstage interaction…

Logan Paul wins the US Title a week from Saturday. (Don’t like it, but…)

Paul is challenged by Kevin Owens.

Jam Packed Friday Night
source: YouTubeTV, app, screenshot

Owens wins another US Title.

I won’t hate that outcome…though I would rather Escobar get his flowers…but it is what it is, and that is a prediction.

Man, Cena is milking this last run, if it is the last one. Like really leaning into the “I haven’t won anything lately”.

Which means…it’s going somewhere. Career on the line in a match soon, maybe?

Overall lowlights:

Not in the mood to complain about anything other than my tired complaint of, well, stop splitting a match with a commercial. Do picture in picture or something.

Overall highlights:

Love watching Dragon Lee, and love seeing Cedric back on TV. Get the feeling he could be the new Dolph-a solid veteran mostly as an enhancement talent.

After the final bell:

I know by the time I wake up, spoilers for next week’s actual go-home show will be out.

But, this one was as much a go-home too, and if it actually was the only go-home show? This was really good.

More set up for Saudi Arabia, good final hype, as well as some fresh stuff mixed in for fun.

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