Potential Saudi Deal Makes Vince McMahon Ultimate Heel

vince mcmahon ultimate heel
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Maybe he loves this, maybe he doesn’t, but with rumors swirling, it would seem that a potential Saudi Araba deal makes Vince McMahon wrestling’s ultimate heel.

Not now…as in like…ever.

And considering the ego he is known to have, he probably likes the sounds of “Vince McMahon, Ultimate Heel”.

Considering how many bad things he has been a part of-and that is even before we look at his 2022 news-this is a new level of bad, even for Vince McMahon.

So, let us dive in a bit to understand just why….

Potential Saudi Deal Makes Vince McMahon Ultimate Heel

First and foremost, I must lead with a caveat or two.

Nothing is done…yet.

Simple as that. While news broke, or rumors emerged, during Tuesday’s NXT, that a deal with Saudi Arabia was done…we’ve since heard that it is not.

Now, if nothing else, the rumors just confirm what had been suspected before. That being, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, via it’s public interest fund that also funds LIV Golf, would be a player.

Clearly, the Saudi fund has money-though how much Vince is seeking, we do not yet know.

vince mcmahon ultimate heel

source: @justalyxcentral, twitter, screenshot

But again…no deal is final, even if there are rumors that McMahon was working on this specific deal with the Saudis while he was retired.

And…there are these lawsuit things that shareholders can bring…

Until, or unless, a deal is officially announced, there are still other possible suitors.

FOX and Comcast/NBCUniversal have always been two top contenders. Both air weekly WWE content, and have extensive sports portfolios.

Either would make sense, and both have been rumored as possible buyers in the past.

On top of that, there have been whispers that the parent company of UFC might take a look at a deal. Given the combat sports tie in, and market overlap, again it would make sense.

So, as crazy as the rumors were, and as legit as they sounded…nothing is done yet. And, let’s hope things change.

I am not against capitalism, to be clear. In the grand scheme, Vince is the majority shareholder.

He can do as he pleases, and even if every other shareholder is against it…he wins. And if he sells to the Saudis…we all likely lose.

Which again, is why I say we could be seeing Vince McMahon become wrestling’s ultimate heel.

That is saying something, considering he did a hostile takeover of his own father.

But here is a man that wasn’t content to be the owner, and the booker, and at one time, an announcer.

He had to become a character, and in time, he injected his family too.

But now…it’s purely Vince McMahon, ultimate heel. And there are plenty of reasons why.

For starters, the multi-year deal between WWE and Saudi Arabia has hardly been without controversy.

Some Superstars refuse to go. Others had major issues getting back.

And others, until very recently, weren’t even allowed to perform in the ring there.

vince mcmahon ultimate heel

source: @wrestleops, twitter, screenshot

Saudi Arabia has some unpopular positions on a variety of touchy subjects. I will not get into these here, but it is a major concern.

If that weren’t enough, his return has had some negative impacts already.

Like, his own daughter resigned. 

Now, it could be entirely due to wanting to finish out that leave of absence she was supposedly taking last year.

But the timing is suspect, and I can’t help but think she saw the writing on the wall, between his return and his desire for a mega-sale.

If it was to Saudi ownership, how would those new owners feel about a female in the chief executive spot?

Given their record there…probably not great.

But think about that for a moment, and understand why this also gets Vince to ultimate heel level.

Whatever drove her to resign, surely he had some hand in it. 

Vince would rather return and cash out, over being retired and letting his daughter have a go at the family business. Yikes.

On top of that, we know that the entire board was unanimous in NOT wanting him back. And here he is…back.

New Ownership Could Cost WWE Talent

To be fair, assuming we do see a KSA deal…the group has some serious money. They’ve gladly wasted it on washed-up Superstars.

But being led by Saudi interests, the deal could absolutely cost WWE talent.

Sami Zayn refuses to go, and for good reason. You think he’d stick around?

Kevin Owens, his best friend? I’d bet he’d go too.

Sonya Deville is very much an out and proud lesbian, as she should be. That won’t likely play well with the potential new owners either.

Those are just a few off the top of my head, but we’ve seen inside sources comment that numerous Superstars would not work with Saudi ownership.

I am sure some won’t care so long as the checks don’t bounce…but no matter who they put in charge, there could be some major locker room upheaval.

The problem here is that, it seems like Vince McMahon is no longer concerned about the idea of “Then, Now, Forever” that we have crammed down our throats every show.

Instead, he wants the biggest payout, and he does not care who it comes from, or at what cost.

To be completely fair, this could all wind up not happening, and we all look back and remember the great Saudi sale panic of 2023.

But we’ve all seen Vince fire talent and staff close to his son in law, if for no other reason than spite. 

I think we all hope we are wrong…but we’ve seen Vince McMahon operate long enough to know he could indeed be wrestling’s ultimate heel.

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