Adam Copeland Arrives To Give AEW An Edge

In one of the least surprising surprises, Adam Copeland arrives to give AEW an edge.

Adam Copeland Arrives
Credit: @prowfiness, twitter, screenshot

In one of the least surprising surprises, Adam Copeland arrives to give AEW an edge.

At the close of Sunday’s PPV, Christian defended his TNT Championship in the main event of WrestleDream.

With that match positioned last, among other clues, many fans expected the WWE Hall of Famer’s arrival in AEW was imminent.

Copeland had been transparent that his WWE contract ran out on, and he would become a free agent on October 1st.

He last wrestled a banger of a match against Sheamus in Toronto a few weeks back.

And, with Christian and friends ganging up on Darby Allin and Sting…the Rated R Superstar made his AEW debut.

Adam Copeland Arrives
source: @prowfiness, twitter, screenshot

Adam Copeland Arrives To Give AEW An Edge

As far back as at least mid-summer, WWE officials had been prepared for the likelihood that Edge was not going to re-sign with the company.

With the sale to Endeavor not completed at that time, his was one of several Superstar contracts nearing expiration that the company had not done anything with yet.

Plus, with cuts expected (they finally came shortly after the deal went through), leadership may have decided to not go hard to keep a nearly 50 year old part time talent, versus giving some younger Superstars a chance.

Copeland showing up on Sunday in AEW was not truly a stunner. Fightful provided us with more details.

Adam Copeland Arrives
source: @wrestleops, twitter, screenshot

That he had a slightly newer version of his Alter Bridge entrance (the song is still Metallingus, but the spoken words were re-recorded) surprised some, but the music was not exclusive to WWE-just the intro words.

What was a surprise is that WWE allowed the Rated R Superstar ownership to lapse, which allows him to use it in AEW. Or, considering both sides indicated the parting was on good terms…perhaps WWE did him a solid.

For his part, the former Edge was clear about the why of it. He wanted another chance to go to work with his best friend (Christian), and he understood that there was little else for him to accomplish in WWE.

At the same time, working in AEW affords him the opportunity at a slew of new matches, some of which he has already mentioned-Kenny Omega, Samoa Joe and Jon Moxley among them.

One question some might be wondering…does the arrival of Copeland in AEW make it that much more likely that WWE, backed by Endeavor, make a huge play for CM Punk or any of the future free agents, such as Wardlow and MJF?

Either way, it’s a great time to be a wrestling fan.

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