Will Mandy Rose Return
source: @nodqdotcom, twitter, screenshot

Almost since the moment she was stunningly let go, fans have been wondering…will Mandy Rose return to the ring soon?

And yes, we are once again asking that very same question, but with good reason.

Now, we can’t get into that good reason, without a bit of a recap.

Rose was a mid-card attraction on the main roster. But, once she got sent down to NXT?

Her in-ring career took off.

She led the dominant Toxic Attraction, all while being NXT Women’s Champion for better than 400 days.

And then, she wasn’t. Because, as good as she was in the ring, Mandy Rose enjoys creating and sharing some spicy content outside of it.

WWE had apparently requested she stop, and that didn’t go so well.

Rose lost the title and her job, and that was nine months ago.

Will Mandy Rose Return
source: @nodqdotcom, twitter, screenshot

Will Mandy Rose Return To The Ring Soon?

During a recent online interaction, a fan asked her if she’d be coming back to the ring.

Her response? It wasn’t no.

Now, this answer was interesting, and something is likely brewing here.

Why interesting? Well, the most we’ve ever known a WWE non-compete to be has been 90 days.

Mandy’s 90 days would have ran its course months ago, so how is she only now about to be free?

This is why I think there’s something brewing.

For Rose to declare her imminent free agency around the same time where the sale of WWE is completed, and when the hiring freeze is lifted?

Something seems to be up.

I am not saying she’s coming back to WWE…but I feel like, if AEW had been interested in her, they’d have brought her in already.

Will Mandy Rose Return
source: @wrestlingnewsco, twitter, screenshot

Unless she has some content creation contract that has kept her from harming her money-making assets, that’s what I am thinking.

And, bringing her back to WWE isn’t all that crazy…the company has brought back other Superstars with outside content deals