mandy rose good week
source: @wrestlepurists, twitter, screenshot

Even though she was fired a week ago from WWE, Mandy Rose had a great week. Plus, after his return on RAW, we understand just how much Triple H values Bronson Reed.

Mandy Rose Had A Great Week

This seems a bit odd to say, considering the events we’ve witnessed…but Mandy Rose had herself a great week.

No, we don’t consider being fired a great week.

Making $500,000? That we do consider to be having yourself a great week.

According to a story posted by TMZ, Mandy Rose, through her premium content site, raked in half a million dollars in the days following her WWE termination.

Goes to show, there is no such thing as bad publicity.

So, while it seems Mandy Rose actually had a great week financially in that respect, her agent suspects things will only get better.

Specifically, her agent expects Rose to double that amount by Christmas.

On one hand, I can absolutely understand why any corporation wants to protect it’s public image and, in the case of WWE, that of it’s Superstars.

However, I can also see why, yet again, Superstars and former talent were refusing to give up such lucrative opportunities.

Much has been said about the issues and faults with WWE’s decision.

Yes, decades earlier, the company actively pushed female talent to bare all in Playboy.

mandy rose good week

source: @wrestlepurists, twitter, screenshot

More recent talent had adult videos leaked, and some remain employed still to this day.

And, it’s been pointed out that Rose played up the sexy and scantily clad persona in the ring as well as in her premium site. 

It was also a look that we’ve heard WWE wanted other younger talents in NXT to emulate, even one more established talent, the former Ember Moon.

I doubt Mandy Rose wanted to lose her NXT title and be fired last week. Bringing in 500k at the same time isn’t the worst trade-off in the world, either.

Triple H Values Bronson Reed

We knew he was a fan of his from his time in NXT, but it’s very clear that Triple H values Bronson Reed.

Reed, we’ve learned, was considered a priority hire for Hunter.

Now, I am not sure how to interpret “priority”. The former JONAH had been “free” for a little bit now (or so we’d been told).

If he was free, and a priority, what took so long?

It is a fair question, but at the same time the point is moot.

The former NXT North American Champion, who was released by the former regime, returned to the company and made his main roster debut on the December 19th RAW.

Reed debuted as the new evil henchman for The Miz.

According to Fightful, NJPW had hoped to keep the big man, but WWE and Triple H valued him and made him a big target.

mandy rose good week

source: @wwe, twitter, screenshot

Reed returned, so Triple H got what he wanted.

Perhaps in a way, WWE traded Reed and Sasha Banks, with the female talent reportedly heading to work for NJPW.

Not the same, but something that maybe is only of interest to me.