Investors Love Vince McMahon, Return Won’t Bring Change

investors love vince mcmahon
source: @TheEnemiesPE3, twitter, screenshot

In the wake of his return to the company, it is clear that investors love Vince McMahon. Plus, there is word that the return won’t bring change to the creative process.

Investors Love Vince McMahon

This probably wasn’t on your 2023 BINGO card, but investors clearly love Vince McMahon.

Or, I should say, investors clearly love the return of Vince McMahon.

Though, it is likely that investors love the reason why Vince McMahon returned to the board.

Specifically, Vince returned to have a hand in driving the next broadcast rights package.

WWE has deals with both FOX (for SmackDown) and with Comcast NBCUniversal for the WWE Network, RAW and NXT (on USA).

Considering there was chatter that, at various points in time, both companies were interested in purchasing WWE?

Things could get very interesting indeed.

So, why am I saying investors love Vince?

Because, on the heels of his return, WWE stock was up over 16%.

Not too shabby.

Of course, those investors are certainly speculating that McMahon is returning to have a hand in the big television deal…or something much bigger.

Speculation of a possible sale of WWE persists, and Vince coming back and shuffling the board does nothing to silence that.

As such, investors have seen WWE stock as a worthy buy. If a broadcasting juggernaut like FOX or NBC turns a TV deal into a major acquisition?

It would seem likely that the 16 percent surge would be just the start of things.

investors love vince mcmahon

source: @TheEnemiesPE3, twitter, screenshot

That said, the reaction on social media was…interesting.

This one here could be worth watching…

This one isn’t much better…

But…what about all those good things that we’ve been enjoying in the months since Vince retired?

Return Won’t Bring Change

Yes, Vince McMahon is back, but word is his return won’t bring any change to leadership.

That leadership specifically means no change to co-CEOs Stephanie McMahon and Nick Khan, and most important, no change to creative.

As in, Triple H and all of his returns and changes? All are reportedly safe, per the Observer.

Now, McMahon returning to the company was still a cause for concern among the talent.

Fans, too, are certainly understandably nervous.

After all, we’ve seen how bad Vince’s product got.

Triple H rose to lead creative, and outside of a few things, his reign has been overwhelmingly positive.

Neither fans nor those in the locker room want Vince’s return to derail any of that.

investors love vince mcmahon

source: @StingHart_, twitter, screenshot

So far, WWE has been adamant that Vince’s return will not alter the current day to day power structure.

Given that he remains the majority shareholder, that could still change on a dime.

But, considering that ratings are improving as the on-air product does?

One would think it would be in Vince’s best financial interest to leave things be in that regard.

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