Toxic Attraction WWE Future, Sting On His Retirement Opponent

Toxic Attraction WWE Future
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With Mandy Rose fired, what does the WWE future hold for Toxic Attraction? Also, Sting already has names set for his retirement match.

Toxic Attraction WWE Future

One of the biggest stories this year came from NXT. After Mandy Rose’s 413 day reign as NXT Women’s Champion ended, most figured she would rejoin the main roster.

Sadly, that was not the case as she was released hours later. Fans were furious over her firing.

Basically, WWE management was told about her subscription-based FanTime account. Shawn Michaels did not like it and Triple H agreed, so she was fired.

The account was always there, but management thought it was getting too risqué. Considering the antics of Michaels and Triple H played during their DX days, plus WWE promoting their talent in PlayBoy while having them take part in embarrassing gimmick matches is a double standard.

Fans instantly took to social media bashing WWE and stating they should rehire her. For now, Rose is making more money on FanTime and is not worried about cash.

When Rose returned to NXT, she instantly became a heel and aligned with Toxic Attraction. On “Wrestling Observer Radio,” Dave Meltzer noted how Rose’s departure will not effect the stable.

They [Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne] weren’t ready when they first brought them up in the ring,” said Meltzer. “But ,they’re getting there and the act itself is a good act.” 

Toxic Attraction appeared on Tuesday’s NXT episode in a taped segment. It seems like they will be heading to RAW or SmackDown in January or right after WrestleMania.

Sting On His Retirement Opponent

Toxic Attraction WWE Future

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When Sting left WWE, after trying to him sign him for a decade, it was shocking. Then, he joined AEW and has been wrestling somewhat frequently.

Most times, his matches involve teaming with Darby Allin. At 63 years old, Sting can only do so much inside the ring. 

Although, he looks impressive when the cameras are on. He takes bumps and leaps that nobody that age would want to do.

Naturally, Sting knows his time wrestling in will be over soon. While speaking with The Ringer’s Cameron Hawkins, Sting already some has his retirement planned.

He wants to work with Darby and also has some other names in-mind.

“Well, I know Darby is going to be a part of it for sure,” said Sting. “I won’t have a singles match at this point.” 

“Darby will be along with me and I’ll be along with him and we can add more to it as far as I’m concerned. But, I have a few people [in mind] and I really don’t want to say now.”

At Full Gear, Sting & Allin defeated Jeff Jarrett &Jay Lethal. Sting has not appeared since as he underwent surgery.

Although, he will be part of The Great Muta’s final match for Pro Wrestling Noah in Japan on January 23.

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