Update On Jade Cargill's Next Move
source: @wrestlepurists, twitter, screenshot

After the big news last week, we have an update on Jade Cargill’s next move.

Or, at least, what most of the wrestling world expects her next move to be.

According to the Wrestling Observer, Cargill is expected to be in Orlando at the WWE Performance Center this week.

Because her AEW deal ran it’s course, Cargill would not be subjected to any sort of time off between appearing for AEW and joining WWE.

Per the report, Cargill heading to Orlando may or may not be just the usual procedure.

Specifically, Meltzer claims that the money Jade may sign for is more than usual for an NXT level talent, though not quite close to the level of an established main roster Superstar.

Update On Jade Cargill's Next Move
source: @wrestlepurists, twitter, screenshot

Sort of vague, but also not exactly surprising.

While many feel Cargill still needs some polish, she’s already an established talent.

As such, even though she needs some time with the WWE “finishing school”, she’s likely warranted the bump in pay. It doesn’t hurt that apparently WWE have had their eye on her for some time.

Update On Jade Cargill’s Next Move

Based on the apparent money involved, the speculation is that Cargill may get a massive push from the jump…but where?

Some contend that she still has some green to her game, and a stint in NXT would go a long way.

To that end, we’ve seen much more established and skilled talents sign with WWE and land in NXT initially.

Dragon Lee is there now, but is no rookie. Drew McIntyre had already been on the main roster before he was released and returned…but even he did time in NXT first.

For now, expectations are that she will be in Florida this week, and it remains unclear if she has officially signed with the company, or if the signing is but a formality at this point.

Update On Jade Cargill's Next Move
source: @wrestleops, twitter, screenshot

From Cargill’s perspective, it was noted that her leaving AEW was not motivated by money, even if the deal is said to be significant.