Drew McIntyre
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McIntyre made a splashing return this past weekend during the WWE Money in the Bank (MITB) event, after being absent from programming since WrestleMania 39. WNZ has the details on his comeback, including his current agreement with the company.

More Information On Drew McIntyre’s Return

The former WWE Champion returned at MITB to confront GUNTHER, delivering a Claymore to the IC champion. Looks like a program will unfold between the two in the weeks ahead.

According to Fightful Select, there are some interesting details about the Scottish Warrior’s WWE comeback. Most of the information was just an expansion of what HHH shared at the post-event media conference.

Which was, Drew’s long absence had nothing to do with creative issues, rather he had personal matters and injuries to contend with. The Fightful report reveals that “good creative” was a priority of the talent.

Drew McIntyre
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It was also said that he and the company were in communication throughout the entire time he was away. Interestingly enough though, it was noted that the superstar was not informed of where he would end up during the recent WWE Draft, ahead of time.

WWE Contract Status

Still, another fascinating tidbit from the Fightful report was the WWE star’s current deal. His contract is set to expire in early 2024, and according to the report, Drew hasn’t signed a new contract or extension, despite his massive return.

As per the report, there’s no indication of whether Drew is staying or leaving the WWE once his current agreement expires. Only time will tell.

Drew McIntyre
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Drew initially entered the WWE in 2007, then left in 2014 after he got fired for having attitude problems. When he first landed in the company, his career looked promising, but as the years passed, the star spiraled down the ladder.

He returned to the WWE in 2017, with a changed attitude. Since he’s become NXT Champion, a two-time WWE Champion, won the 2020 Royal Rumble, and main evented WrestleMania that year.