Huge Update On Drew McIntyre's WWE Status
source: @prowfinesse, twitter, screenshot

After his long-awaited return Saturday. we have a huge update on Drew McIntyre’s WWE status.

Maybe you don’t consider this huge, but there’s a few layers to unpack, so let’s first kind of recap things, shall we?

The last time we saw the Scottish Warrior was WrestleMania 39. In Hollywood, Drew lost in a triple threat match against Sheamus and GUNTHER.

Since then, we’ve heard that McIntyre was missing time due to an injury, but also because he was not happy with his contract status and creative direction.

In the last few months, we’ve heard that Drew was unlikely to re-sign with WWE.

We also heard that he did not want to come back until, or unless, he had a strong creative purpose to get behind.

All the while, reports indicated that WWE were really working hard and hoping to have the former champion back in time for a Money In The Bank return.

Huge Update On Drew McIntyre's WWE Status
source: @prowfinesse, twitter, screenshot

After he crashed GUNTHER’s party on Saturday, we know at least that WWE got it’s wish.

Huge Update On Drew McIntyre’s WWE Status

But what about the rest?

Per PWInsider, there has been no movement, and even no discussion, about McIntyre’s contract situation.

As it stands, his contract expires in early 2024. There might be some added time due to time missed, but that remains to be seen.

Per the report, this might not be a cause for concern as much as initially thought. Specifically, neither side seems in a rush there, since there’s a significant amount of time before it expires.

Beyond that, Triple H did what he could to squash other reports during the post-show press conference.

Huge Update On Drew McIntyre's WWE Status
source: Peacock, app, screenshot

He noted that Drew missed the time he did to get healthy from the one injury that was reported, and any number of other bumps and bruises that come with the territory.

Hunter also was clear, he wants the Scotsman to finish his wrestling career with the company, so if the desire is mutual, fans might like the outcome.

As for that need for creative direction, if it was a legitimate issue? Something tells me a program with the longest-reigning Intercontinental Champion in like 30 years should go a long way.