Jade Cargill
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Jade Cargill was removed from AEW TV after dropping the TBS Championship and now there is uncertainty if she will return to the promotion.

Former AEW Champion Jade Cargill Could Be Finished

WWE passed on signing Jade Cargill and she eventually landed in AEW. Right away, the company seemed to have big plans.

She was thrusted into a tag team match with Cody Rhodes. For her partner, she went with former NBA champion, Shaquille O’Neal, and they left the victors. That was her first win and many more would follow.

She became the inaugural TBS Champion and with it came an impressive undefeated streak that went to sixty consecutive wins. Then, she dropped the title to Kris Statlander at Double Or Noting in May. Since then, she remained off TV.

Now, there is some talk that she might not return to AEW. On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer went over how Jade Cargill might simply walkaway.

“I’ve heard a few things like she might not come back, is what she said, which is the last thing we heard,” said Meltzer. “She wanted to take some time off.”

Jade Cargill
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“Sometimes I feel like, boy, they pushed her and pushed her and pushed her and they never put her in the big matches. And, she’s gone.”

At 31 years old and still learning the business, Jade Cargill has been nothing but impressive. The only complaint is how AEW booked the former champion.

Cargill beat everyone placed in-front of her, but AEW kept a few top female wrestlers away. The promotion has been questioned for not having Cargill interact with more of the female talent.

Sometimes, booking someone with an undefeated streak can backfire. Some say look at Goldberg or, it can work, such as with the Undertaker.

Jade Cargill
Source: @Bub3m16, Twitter, Screenshot

So, will Jade Cargill return to AEW or find a new home? And, if she sticks with AEW, can she return and be placed against the best in the women’s division?