Jim Ross
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Jim Ross only has about two months left on his AEW contract, so will he be re-signing or looking to see what is elsewhere for his legendary career?

Jim Ross AEW Contract Expiring Soon In 2 Months

When putting together a wrestling promotion, it requires many things besides wrestlers and a ring. A key element is the announce team as they carry the show for those watching from home.

A few years ago, AEW found themselves in the same situation. They brought some known names in, with the biggest easily being Jim Ross.

When Dynamite debuted on TV, Ross was part of the announce team. And, the same happened for the first episode of Collision.

Since the debut of Collision, Ross has been absent from TV. During the show, he was sporting a nasty black eye from a fall earlier in the day. As for calling the action, Ross was nowhere near okay to complete that difficult task.

In the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer noted how Ross’ AEW contract is up shortly.

Jim Ross
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“Jim Ross is hoping to be back for Wembley Stadium, but that’s just a goal,” said Meltzer. “He has a radiation burn that he has to make sure doesn’t get infected and has been dealing with crippling sciatica, that a few weeks ago left him bedridden.” 

“He’s doing better thanks to chiropractic treatments in Norman, OK, from Dr. Ron Tripp, who is a former Olympic judoka. Ross’ current AEW contract expires in two months. There is no date for his return, but it would likely be on Collision.”

All In is August 27 from England’s Wembley Stadium. Already, it has sold more tickets than any other AEW show and could be a legit sellout.

Jim Ross has been in the pro wrestling for around 50 years. He is popular for all is contributions to the business, but it is certainly time to pass the torch.

Jim Ross
Source: @WrestlingNewsCo, Twitter, Screenshot

So, should Jim Ross stick to AEW or return to WWE? Or, perhaps, does he leave the business?