Undertaker had the urge
Source: @johnreport, Twitter, Screenshot

Undertaker had the urge to wrestle at WrestleMania 39 after watching from the comfort of his suite with friends and family, so should he return inside a WWE ring?

Undertaker Had The Urge To Compete At WrestleMania 39

Of the 39 installments of WrestleMania, nobody has competed in more than the Undertaker. His record stands at an impressive 25-2.

When writing the history or WrestleMania, there will be an entire chapter dedicated to the Undertaker. 

Some of those bouts were candidates for match of the year. Although, towards the end, the matches were getting hard to watch.

WrestleMania 36 was unique for several reasons. In particular, the event became two days and featured no fans because of the Covid pandemic.

So, WWE taped all the matches in advance and some had a cinematic twist. This allowed the Undertaker to defeat AJ Styles in the highly praised Boneyard Match.

After the match, the Undertaker was pleased with the performance and officially retired. He has made a few WWE appearances since then and took his rightful place in the Hall of Fame.

While speaking to The Independent, “The Deadman” discussed being in attendance for WrestleMania 39. In fact, the Undertaker had the urge to compete from California.

“I’ve got to the point now where if I’m home, I’m fine,” said Undertaker. “It’s when I do show up at a WWE event I get that ‘I should be getting ready’ feeling.”

Undertaker Had The Urge
Source: @ItzPHSavageWolf, Twitter, Screenshot

“At WrestleMania 39, I was there and I had my family and friends up in a suite watching the show. And I kind of found myself rocking in my chair like, ‘oh, my gosh, I should be down there.’” 

“So in those instances, it’s there. It’s still in my heart and it’s in my brain.”

At this point, there is no need for the Undertaker to wrestle anymore. He will go down as not only a top WWE superstar, but one the most popular wrestlers ever.

Undertaker had the urge
Source: @johnreport, Twitter, Screenshot

At first, no Undertaker at WrestleMania was a bit strange. But, the event needs to move forward without his presence and WrestleMania 39 was one of the better cards in recent memory. 

So, even though the Undertaker had the urge to wrestle again, does anyone want that to happen?