Does WWE Have Superstar Issues, Jade Cargill Makes History

wwe have superstar issues
Credit: @wwepr, twitter, screenshot

There are some curious rumblings out there, that make us wonder…does WWE have some more Superstar issues brewing? Plus, AEW talent Jade Cargill makes history.

Does WWE Have Superstar Issues

On the heels of some other female talent drama, there’s word going around that makes us ask, does WWE have some additional Superstar issues?

Specifically, there is a report out there from Fightful that indicates a number of SmackDown women’s Superstars are not happy with how they’ve been used.

The report did not name names, but there are a few things to unpack from the story.

Unhappiness may have been building since before WrestleMania, or at least, booking around that show led to some of the current feelings.

On top of that…if that is the case, this started brewing before the wonderful saga that is the drama of Sasha and Naomi.

If you forgot, the former WWE Women’s Tag Champs tossed the belts and walked out of RAW. We have not seen them since, but have heard unconfirmed reports that one or both may no longer be WWE Superstars.

All the while, the women’s tag belts are gathering dust, with no tournament in sight.

I mention it because, if WWE does have Superstar issues, one way to book more of those sitting unused?

wwe have superstar issues

source: @wwepr, twitter, screenshot

Form up tag teams and get that needed tourney going.

Perhaps another option? Maybe, just maybe, WWE needs to consider having a secondary women’s title?

For the men, there are two (three, if we count the 24/7 title). For the women, it’s the brand title or nothing.

When the women’s locker room had less depth, this might not have been as much of an issue.

However, even with all the releases, the women’s roster is deeper than ever, so perhaps now is time to consider adding another title.

Of course, a second title doesn’t mean much if the women who fight for it are still getting less screen time.

This goes into another avenue-with Peacock airing WWE streaming content (and the Network before that), it surprises me that the company never bothered to try for a short-form, women’s focused show.

Another singles belt could be the trick too…and even AEW has multiple women’s singles belts…

Jade Cargill Makes History

And, speaking of AEW, Jade Cargill, holder of one of those AEW title belts, makes some history recently.

Her history involved surpassing a WWE Hall of Famer.

Specifically, if these things matter to you in wrestling where the outcomes are set in advance, Cargill has now eclipsed one legendary undefeated streak.

Now, I mean no disrespect in pointing out that when a star wins and loses is known in advance. Those are just the facts of professional wrestling.

wwe have superstar issues

source: @aew, twitter, screenshot

However, that Jade Cargill has come in, with very little experience, and in just a couple years run off that undefeated streak?

It says a lot about what she is capable of, and the trust many have in her.

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