Sweet Stop Before Payback
source: YouTube TV, app, screenshot

This time around, SmackDown In A Nutshell has a simple plan…it’s one sweet stop before Payback.

The blue brand is in Hershey, the Sweetest Place On Earth, for the go-home show.

Tomorrow night is Payback in Pittsburgh.

Before we get to the Steel City, there is a bit of final hype to get to.

Plus, you know, the return of John Cena, since that pesky Hollywood strike seems to be going on for a while.

We’ve been told Jimmy Uso will be back, so we can expect more Bloodline action…probably.

But, as we are now in September and things in the ring are heating up, the show before Payback is fixing to be a really good show.

So, it’s time to unwrap that Hershey bar and take a bit, on this, our

Sweet Stop Before Payback : SmackDown In A Nutshell

Let’s crack open that chocolate covered Nutshell and see how things go!

Best Match of the night:

I honestly preferred the Miz/Knight promos to anything else.

Sweet Stop Before Payback
source: YouTube TV, app, screenshot

Cena and Jimmy a close second.

Match-wise, I will take AJ and Solo…but they could do better.

Worst match of the night:

Tough call, but I guess I’d go with Bayley and Shotzi.

This one, given the hair-cutting history, probably should have meant more, or had more of a build.

Crowd Chants of the Night:

The crowd was hot tonight.

We want Jey

HUGE pops for Cena

Star of the Night

John Cena, for being back.

Sweet Stop Before Payback
source: YouTube TV, app, screenshot

Miz and Knight for having a really strong back and forth. We don’t get those often enough anymore.

Here’s a fun thought…what if, as LA Knight takes off…he elevates The Miz with him? I could think of worse outcomes.

Spot of the Night:

This has to be one of them

Jobber of the Night:

I mean, it is a stretch, but I would go with Santos Escobar, as he took the pin tonight.

Upset of the Night:

Nothing of note.

Holy Sh** Moment of the Night:

While I knew Cena is back for at least a couple months, unless the strike rapidly ends…I didn’t expect him to kick off the show this week and then trade shots with Jimmy Uso.

Excited for what this could mean. Like, seems Cena is back and there might be some less fluffy action in the cards.

Botch of the night:

I have to say it…LA Knight had a few bobbles on the mic with Miz.

Miz is too boring and generic, but one thing he is generally is…really crisp on promos.

Knight maybe got a bit super passionate and either lost his train of thought or just got tangled up. He recovered and it didn’t kill him, but it did happen.

That said…Knight was passionate and did come off strong, in my opinion.

And…for me the biggest has to be Jimmy “swiping” at AJ’s feet.

I mean…am I wrong, or did Uso completely whiff? Maybe I missed it, but that camera angle they showed to start sure didn’t look like Jimmy made much, if any, contact.

Commentary of the night:

The three man team worked for me this week.

LOL Moment of the night:

Also, the Knight/Miz segment felt like people in the back said…channel your inner Attitude Era talents and go a little more PG-13 bordering on R.

Like, FOX wants to pop the ratings, and going back to that era might do wonders.

Noteworthy Moment:

Did not expect Charlotte to save Shotzi.

Hopefully Shotzi gets some rub here, as boosting her up would be good for the roster, in my opinion.

We knew Cena was back. Now, we also know he’s going to show up Saturday and host Payback.

I’d bet money that it leads to something. Not a match on the PLE…but a match on an upcoming one seems likely.

Speaking of leading to something…I like where this could be heading…

Sweet Stop Before Payback
source: YouTube TV, app, screenshot

Overall lowlights:

The main event was not bad, but it also wasn’t nearly as good as I’d hoped.

Again, not bad. Just, I think the night before Payback, giving us AJ and Solo and some new Bloodline wrinkles felt maybe a bit rushed?

Overall highlights:

Hard not to love Cena’s return.

WWE announced it, so rather than string it out, he kicked off the whole show and got right into it.

Maybe it’s a couple months, maybe it is more, but if he’s back for a bit because of the writer’s strike…enjoy it while we can.

After the final bell:

Big return for Cena, and lots of good final hype for Payback.

Pittsburgh should be hosting a really good show, and we don’t have to wait long to find out.