John Cena return
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A John Cena return takes place later tonight and he will be sticking around longer than expected. Therefore, WWE is looking at him wrestling Cody Rhodes.

John Cena Return Details, Match With Top WWE Star Discussed

There was a time when fans were tired of seeing John Cena every week on WWE TV. Despite the heat, Cena kept going and he become one of the biggest draws ever.

For about the past five years, Cena has shifted from full-time wrestler to Hollywood actor. He is not on the level of The Rock, who is one of the highest paid people in Hollywood.

Tonight, Cena returns to SmackDown and he will be sticking around for a few months. With almost all of Hollywood on strike, Cena’s schedule has plenty of room.

WRKD Wrestling, who have a good track record of breaking news, stated a John Cena return could see him meet a top star. WWE is interested in Cena against Cody Rhodes.

If that match does happen, it will not be at Payback. The event is this Saturday and WWE needs more time to promote such a huge match.

John Cena return
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Cena and Rhodes have shared a ring together, but that goes back about 10 years. Both superstars have completely evolved since those meetings.

As Rhodes was preparing for his WrestleMania 39 match with Roman Reigns, he did encounter Cena. The two showed resect for each other and had a few words at the top of the entrance ramp.

WWE could try to book the match for Survivor Series in November. That is the final big pay per view left on the 2023 calendar.

No matter, what Rhodes vs. Cena sounds like money. A win for Rhodes would continue his story of someday winning the WWE Championship.

John Cena return
Source: @WrestlingNormal, Twitter, Screenshot

So, will a John Cena return lead to a match against Cody Rhodes? And, is that something fans even want to see?