What’s Next For John Cena?

After a surprising appearance in London at Money In The Bank, what's next for John Cena?

What's Next For John Cena
Credit: @luigiwrestling, twitter, screenshot

After a surprising appearance in London at Money In The Bank, what’s next for John Cena?

Specifically, relative to his WWE future. We know he’s a busy man in show business, and I am not down to cover all of those details!

So, surely his arrival at the O2 Arena is to set up something big, right?

Like, he had a bit of a run-in with Grayson Waller…and there’ve been rumors of a Cena-Logan Paul battle…so something like that has to be coming up, right?

According to Fightful…

What's Next For John Cena
source: @luigiwrestling, twitter, screenshot

What’s Next For John Cena?

In a word…nothing.

His European surprise…and subsequent egging on of the London crowd to push for WrestleMania in the United Kingdom…was a pure one-off as it currently stands.

Cena, given his filming schedules, is hard to get into WWE plans for more than a special appearance anymore.

So, while he was in London for this past weekend, there isn’t any follow up action planned.

Of course, if his schedule frees up, things could change.

Like, if he suddenly had a free weekend in early August, or for any other major event, it’s possible that WWE would look to work something in.

And, with the new history with Waller, that could be easy to pull off without much build. Ditto something like Austin Theory, and even Logan Paul has talked about it before.

For now, nothing is planned nor was it planned. Sometimes, what seems to be a one time John Cena appearance…really is just a one time appearance.

What's Next For John Cena
source: @thecovalentTV, twitter, screenshot

He’s perhaps his generation’s greatest Superstar, and even with his busy schedule, he does anything he can to show up and support WWE and entertain the fans.

That much was evident on Saturday. And I am willing to bet, should WrestleMania ever head to London…Cena will do anything he can to appear.

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