SummerSlam Set To Have A Big Card
source: @brwrestling, twitter, screenshot

Now that Money In The Bank is in our rear view, here is a spoiler on WWE SummerSlam matches for later in August.

Some might have felt a bit underwhelmed by the matches offered up in London. Personally, I felt it was a pretty compelling set of matches, though perhaps not the most star-studded across the board.

So, what about SummerSlam?

That is, after all, WWE’s self-proclaimed “Biggest Party of the Summer”, so you would expect a big card to match, right?

The 2023 edition of SummerSlam-long one of WWE’s “big four” PPV events, happens in just over a month, from Detroit’s Ford Field.

So…big building must mean big card, right?

SummerSlam Set To Have A Big Card?

According to Wrestling, Inc., they have a spoiler on WWE SummerSlam matches, with six in total.

The matches we are expecting:

Spoiler On WWE SummerSlam Matches
source: @brwrestling, twitter, screenshot

Roman Reigns versus Jey Uso

Cody Rhodes versus Brock Lesnar

Drew McIntyre versus Gunther

Shayna Baszler versus Ronda Rousey

Charlotte Flair versus Bianca Belair versus Asuka

Trish Stratus versus Becky Lynch

Roman and Jey seems likely, based on the conclusion of Saturday’s main event.

Cody battling Brock has been expected for a while, so much so people thought Lesnar would be in London to kick off round 3.

Drew returned on Saturday, likely putting those plans in motion.

Spoiler On WWE SummerSlam Matches
source: @prowfiness, twitter, screenshot

Shayna turning on her partner, coupled with Rousey’s contract status, made that likely as well.

The last two are very sound assumptions based on recent events.

There would still be plenty of room for other matches to be added. Right now, there isn’t a tag title match for either the men or the women, so the spoiler on WWE SummerSlam matches is missing a few things.

Also missing? No World Heavyweight Championship match for Seth Rollins, which surely will get rectified.

Could we see some other special attraction match, perhaps involving John Cena? And, speaking of Cena…United States Champion Austin Theory could use a match too.

Now, do our readers think the spoiler on WWE SummerSlam matches will produce an exciting night of TV?