Trish Stratus Is In No Hurry
source: @reigns_szn, twitter, screenshot

I never had this on my 2023 bingo card, but Trish Stratus is in no hurry to disappear from WWE once again.

To recap her already-eventful year…

She returned earlier this year, alongside fellow Hall of Famer Lita, to work a program with Becky Lynch.

The trio had a run that made fans happy. It led to Lita and Lynch winning the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships.

However, the title reign was short lived.

Lita got attacked backstage, leading to Lynch calling in Stratus as the replacement.

The team lost, Trish turned on The Man and things got interesting fast.

Trish Stratus Is In No Hurry
source: @reigns_szn, twitter, screenshot

Trish Stratus Is In No Hurry To Disappear

I will be the first to admit, when I saw Trish Stratus selected as part of this year’s draft, it shocked me.

Stratus and her return felt like, or seemed like, they’d be a short-lived nostalgia act and not much more.

Trish Stratus Is In No Hurry
source: @prowfinesse, twitter, screenshot

Now, according to PWInsider…that may not be true.

Stratus is sticking around, and she won’t be alone.

After a big weekend over in Saudi Arabia, the legendary Hall of Famer has a new reason to stick around.

In Jeddah, Stratus and former NXT talent Zoey Stark were officially linked up as a dangerous duo.

If there was any doubt about it, the pair cemented their status on RAW, followed by a beating of Becky Lynch one more time.

Assuming that Stratus will stick around for most of the remainder of the year, this could be a really compelling pairing.

It allows for Trish to hang around in a top program, and it also helps elevate a younger Superstar-someone whom WWE is high on.

What bigger vote of confidence could there be than getting drafted to RAW and nearly immediately getting to work alongside a Hall of Famer?

This will give Stratus another really good run in the company, and should help elevate Zoey Stark in the process.