Santana And Ortiz
Source: @121hoot, Twitter, Screenshot

Santana and Ortiz seemed like brothers when on TV. Things broke down between the two, but the problems only seem to be getting worse with the latest attacks.

Santana And Ortiz Ugly Feud Goes Public On Social Media

At one time, Santana And Ortiz seemed like brothers. They became a popular tag team in Impact Wrestling and then headed to AEW.

Months ago, Konnan spoke about how the two were on bad terms. So much, they apparently were not speaking and seemed to have different directions for their wrestling futures. 

Konnan said Santana was annoyed with AEW’s booking, and Ortiz was content with simply collecting a paycheck.

At Blood & Guts 2022, Santana And Ortiz were on the winning side. During the bout, Ortiz was hurt early and needed to be removed from the match.

Santana And Ortiz
Source: @WrestlingCovers, Twitter, Screenshot

He would not be seen on TV for over a year, while Santana made a few appearances on Dark before also disappearing. Then, days before AEW’s historic All In card from England, Santana And Ortiz reemerged.

They worked with The Blackpool Combat Club, where they lost in Stadium Stampede. Since then, the duo have teamed together.

In a video package on Rampage, Santana spoke out being held down as a “crutch” and wanting more for himself. These were seen as direct shots at Ortiz. 

This caused Ortiz to hop on Twitter and take some shots at his (former) tag team partner. AEW does like blur reality and fiction, but there seems to be real disdain between the two. 

I must admit, it is strange to put them inside a ring together if they are cannot stand the other. They made for a great tag team, but sometimes one wrestlers wants more.

Then, there are those happy with her position. Unfortunately, nobody wins in this situation.

Santana And Ortiz
Source: @121hoot, Twitter, Screenshot

So, can Santana and Ortiz return on the same page or are they done as team?